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AMH has gone up. Is this good?

I've just got back from the fertility clinic and I've been told I have 2 good size follicles so I'll be going ahead with (my 3rd) IUI on Friday. Also my AMH was retested last week and it has gone from 5.1 to 10 which I think is a massive improvement. I was told it needed to be higher than 6 but not what the upper limit should be. My FSH is also within normal limits. I'm not sure what has caused it, it could be the fact that I was finally diagnosed and treated for endometriosis, or it could just be the fact that I've got on top of my stress levels a bit. Has anyone else had a change in their AMH level like this? If so have you been told what it means?

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That's good...would be interested to know why it's changed....

Mine went from 8.56 in November 2014, down to 7.0 in January 2016 and then 7.16 in May 2016.

It goes to show though that maybe them using these hormones measurements to assess eligibility for funding should be used as so black or white??


Mine went up from 11 in June to 13.5 last month. Apparently it isn't that super reliable but an indication. My CCG use FSH only and my clinic use AMH with Antral follicle count in combo. Have you had that scan yet? AMH upper limit I think is waaaaay high like above 50 btw. I think I'm relatively ok for my age (39) as a rough guide.


I'm not sure what happens now. If my AMH is normal when I move on to IVF I'll qualify for a free endometrial scratch as part of a clinical trial, but if it's not then I can't get one at this clinic at all. I know it's not proven yet but I'll take anything I can get.


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