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Does anybody here have experience of having high levels of killer cells? Should I have IUI before IVF?


I am trying to decide whether IUI would be a good thing to do. I have had 6 months of steroids for high killer cells..... and nothing! Otherwise all in working order. Two fertility Dr's have told me there's no point of trying IUI as it's mainly for couples where the male has sperm problems.

I was planning on having IVF soonish, but as I should know by now, things never work out as planned. I need a re-referral and at best, we might be able to have IVF Feb 2017, so in the meantime I was thinking of giving IUI a go....

Anybody Have experience of killer cells/auto immune conditions with fertility treatments?

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Hi I've had no experience but I have heard of them and wondered how you got tested for them? was it part of the routine checks or was it after failed IVF cycle. My doc hasn't mentioned anything about killer cells but others have so I was curious. Do you have to pay extra for the test to see if you have them?


Hi Nyko - thought it might be helpful to see the HFEA advice on NK cell testing here - hfea.gov.uk/fertility-treat...


Hi, the test is recommended as a result of recurrent miscarriage but isn't available on NHS. I had mine at university hospital Coventry, it cost £300 but the money goes into the research and you can just contact them directly to make an appt. It isn't a standard part of IVF, but could be a reasons for several failed cycles in the same way as it could be the cause of miscarriage.


Hi There is a point discussing intralipid infusion otherwise iui doesn't have much to do with high NK cells

It would be an option if you have a poor huhner test


Hi, I have high nk cells and have had a series of miscarriages which we now put down to that. I don't know much about IUI so I can't say whether that is worth a go or not. I've had IVF and took steroids from the day of embryo transfer up to 12 weeks pregnant. I also had clexane injections from 6 weeks up to 12 weeks. All of which was recommended treatment for nk cells by the professor who did the tests and would have been the case with a naturally conceived pregnancy too. I believe nk cells won't stop you getting pregnant but will cause miscarriage, so not sure if IUI vs IVF is relevant to nk cells. Good luck with your choice x


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