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Selenium for helping implantation

Hey girls,

I meant to ask this morning when I posted. I've read about eating pineapple and Brazil nuts as they are high in selenium and this helps with implantation.

Nurse Diane mentioned that with a 5DT implantation usually happens within a few hours.

My question is should I start the pineapple and Brazil nuts today? Or should I still wait until transfer day?

Thanks x

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Hi Amanda

I waited until day of et and then I ate some every day (including the core as this is meant to be the best bit) for the first week.

It helped me as I am now sat here feeding my 8 month old baby girl

Good luck xx

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Thanks for your reply Gemma! I will hold of until transfer day and then start.

And congratulations on the birth if your baby girl! That's lovely to hear xxx


I'm not sure if I believe all this stuff about eating pineapples. It didn't work for me!! I read later on that you should only eat the core and only very small amount xx

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Thanks Katya

Yeah I read the core is the best part. I read to cut the pineapple into 5 slices including the core and each 1 slice a day from day of transfer xxx


I hadn't realised this so I was probably eating too much pineapple! !xx


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