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I am due to start my IVF cycle towards the end of next week or the week after. Work is pretty busy at the moment and can't see it getting any quieter over the next few weeks so I have decided to take a week off. I need to give work about a weeks notice when I take holiday. Just wondering though what are people's thoughts for those who have gone through IVF already as to when is best to take time off work? My acupuncturist said to take it off just before egg collection up to just before egg transfer. What are people's thoughts?

Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

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  • Hi Emily7, for my last 2 cycles I have taken the 2-3 weeks off starting the couple days before EC right up to official test date. (Signed off by gp) My work is super busy/stressful too and I wanted to be able to relax as much as possible, some gentle exercise and just disengage for a while. The 2ww can drag though but I'd rather that than be stressed. I know some ladies like to work during the 2ww to keep busy and distracted! Good luck for your cycle. I am starting my 3rd at the end of March x

  • I took time off the week before ec to chill then week of ec and et off then 2 weeks after that off..hmm remember the day of ec is a medical appointment. It depends on your work and you really. Week before procedures is nice to chill mind you so is 2ww but if you would dwell during 2ww might be best to be at work xx

  • Oh gp signed me off too no worries

  • Hiya, I had the day of egg collection and I was sore for about 4 days after but I had a frozen transfer so I had to wait a few weeks but after transfer I had 3 days off then I went back to work. It really is personal choice do whatever makes you feel comfortable as you don't want to regret anything good luck for your 1st cycle xxx

  • I'm in the middle of my cycle at the mo and I took 2 days off for EC, and then I've got the first week of my 2ww off. This is my first go, I may not need the full week off but I'd rather be off work relaxing than in work stressing! Although it's each to their own, whatever you think is best for you xx

  • Personally I'd prefer the time off after transfer but if they r suggesting b4 maybe a few days b4 & the week after? I would say defo have the day of egg coll off and day after in case u r sore!!best of luck xxx

  • Hi everyone. Many thanks. I'm someone that would rather be working I think than dwelling on it but then work can get quiet stressful. Will be nice to have a week off though watching movies etc! Good luck with your IVF cycles xxx

  • Hey, I work as an eyelash technician and was worried about breathing in the lash glue every day whilst going through IVF, so a bit different from you but my doctor told me to take off the time that I'm stimming as that's most important when eggs are coming through, so I've taken that off this time and the week of collection and transfer, so all in 3 weeks this time. Last time I took off a week when I had collection and transfer, this time I am going to try and walk every day and relax as much as possible where as before I worked right up to egg collection and didn't exercise at all..good luck xx

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