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Cycle before xmas...or wait until April? 😬

Got a big dilemma that i need to sort today...we've been offered our second cycle with egg collection w/c 5th December, I really want to do it but hubby not so sure, it'd mean otd would be xmas weekend! I really don't know what to do, they needed an answer yesterday and i said yes, but hubby is so against it thinking it'll ruin xmas if it doesn't work! If we don't do it then, it'll mean waiting until April!

So confused! 😕

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Hi Jam - I totally understand your hubby's thinking with this one. We've been offered to start our second round on the 2nd December but I'm asking them to delay it by a month. Christmas is lovely but it's busy and it can be stressful (gift buying, parties, visiting family, relatives staying!) so you have to balance everything up and see if you want the additional stress of IVF. It's completely a personal decision, I just know that if it didn't work I would blame it on the fact that I'd taken too much on all at once. Just something to consider. Good luck either way :) x x x

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Thanks Mommabear, I would rather postpone for a month too, but the funding levels don't allow! We would have to wait until the next financial year to get rescheduled! We've said yes at the moment, I think I'm just scared, what if it doesn't work! Xxx


I think the best thing to do it really prepare yourselves if it's going to be over the holidays. Make sure you are still rigid with your jab times and taking care of yourself. If you make yourselves the priority you should be absolutely fine :)

I just know that I end up running about here there and everywhere, I have to travel to the other end of the county to visit one lot of family and we have family from Scotland and London that come to stay with us. There's always a family member in hospital just before or just after Christmas which doesn't help plus there's the work Christmas do, delivering the presents, the food shop... I'm tired just thinking about it!!! hahaha

But your Christmas' might be more relaxed and more enjoyable! If you can manage it I would say to go for it! For us (well, mostly me if I'm honest!) it would just be too much x x x

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Personally I would go for it as there is no good time to get a bfn and hopefully you will get your bfp and Christmas may be a good distraction either way xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Go for it baby more important than Christmas xxxx good luck xxx


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