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endometrial scratch

Hi All ,

I recently had IVF with a donor egg . sadly only 1 egg made it and the ivf was unsuccessful .

I have recently had a review with the consultant and they are going to use icsi this time around, in the hope of retrieving more eggs from a new donor .

I asked about the endometrial scratch and wondered if anyone had had it ?

The consultant said they didn't recommend it with donor eggs . I am contemplating moving clinics as we have had a few mishaps at the clinic I am currently with . Obviously we are now paying privately and I want to be assured I am giving myself the best chance . I just wondered if anyone who has used donor eggs has had the scratch aswell ?

I appreciate any replies , and wish you all lots of luck on your journeys .

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Hi leah345. As far as I know an endometrial scratch can be recommended whether using your own eggs, donor eggs or donor embryos. The fact that it is usually done 2 months before proceeding (sometimes just 1 month), I can't see it being a problem. Obviously, you need to ask your consultant/embryologist why not, and take it from there. Good luck with whatever you decide. Diane

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I had donor eggs and clinic told me to have scratch xx

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