Drugs being delivered today - FET cycle starts next week. Any advice from anyone who has had FET? Thank you 😊

So here I am awaiting my delivery of buserelin to start round 2. I feel excited as we have left 6 months since the last round and I am raring to go now. Is anyone else about to start their FET? Can anyone who has had it before give me any advice? I am hoping it is a little easier on the body than the fresh cycle! Thank you to all of you on here for the advice and support - you keep me sane 😊😊

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  • I found it much more relaxed as we knew what was hapening and didn't feel stressed . I took 2 weeks off work and caught up friends and took it easy . I'm now 12weeks 4 days :) good luck xx

  • Yay! Thanks Leah - makes me feel optimistic about it all. Hope your pregnancy goes really well xx

  • Just take it easy Hun, we used embryo glue also we only had 2 eggs viable so when the first fresh cycle failed we wanted to try everything for our only frozen one xx

  • Hi Sarah Were at the hospital tomorrow for the information session to start the FET we have one frostie left from our fresh cycle Im hoping we can start this month are u starting on day 21? x

  • Yep we start next Wednesday which is day 21. Exciting times ahead. Good luck for your cycle! Xx

  • thank you same to you if I get the go ahead to start this month then it will be the 16th x

  • Hey Hun. I'm going through the FET at the moment. I am having my scan on Thursday to check lining of the womb. I do feel slightly nervous but know what to expect which makes things easier. I am planning on taking 2 weeks off after ET and take things easy.

    Let me know how you get on.

  • Ah good luck lovely! Yeah it's always a tense time but at least we know what's coming this time right? And no dreaded egg collection! (I was walking like John Wayne after that!) xx

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