Hey all,

So I done my first centrotide injection this morning. It was all fine expect that I didn't draw back the plunger before injecting to check for blood. I stupidly missed that bit on the instruction form and it was too late. Anyway when I took the needle out I did have some blood. Will this be OK? Obviously I will be more careful tomorrow but just worried and wanted to make sure what I've done won't cause be to become ill or anything 😫

Thanks x

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  • I never did that on any of my injections as too squeamish, I was fine Xx

  • Thanks. Glad to know I've not put myself in any danger lol xxx

  • Think I might be too squeamish too! Don't like the thought of seeing blood draw up 😱 xxx

  • Hi Amanda86. Never mind, I'm sure you wouldn't have given it intravenously, as that is difficult to do when underneath the flesh. I'm sure all will be fine and good luck! Diane

  • Thanks Diane. I will be more careful tomorrow and will hopefully get on better 😊 xxx

  • Hi Amanda86. Give yourself some credit! It's never easy giving yourself injections, but I'm sure you will have the hang of it by now. Good luck! Diane

  • It's been absolutely fine since 😊 seem to have got the hang of it now.

    Thanks 😊 xxx

  • Well done you! Diane

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