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Thyroid antibodies

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Hi everyone my blood test results revealed slightly high thyroid antibodies..wat does that mean and wat can be done to correct them...have had two very early losses...was it because of these anti bodies I had chemicals am blank at this clinic will discuss my results after couple of weeks in details...its hard to wait till then as dr google has driven me crazy..please share your thoughts ladies m very worried now wat will happen normal thyroid test through gp came back normal but thyroid antibodies are high...royally confused...sorry for the long post..thank you all..

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Hi Blueberryy, do you know what type of antibodies have come back high? TPO? TRab?

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Blueberryy in reply to Kari55

No idea Kari55 secretary simply said thyroid antibodies are slightly higher

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Kari55 in reply to Blueberryy

The TRab antibodies will usually cause overactive thyroid (Graves’ disease) and TPO antibodies will cause under active thyroid (Hashimoto). It is possible to have antibodies elevated but thyroid levels in ranges. I think it might cause some problems with implantation but best to speak to your doctor. Best way to reduce antibodies is to go gluten free, dairy free, grain free and sugar free. My husband has Graves’ disease and is following an autoimmune diet. I hope your doctor will have some good advice for you. X

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Blueberryy in reply to Kari55

Thanks kari55 will see what doc suggests...thanks for the info :)

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Orla9298 in reply to Blueberryy

What kari55 said! Going gluten free for my antibodies from 3x the max normal range down to within range. But even with my antibodies being down now, I’ve still had 3 early losses/chemicals at 5-6 weeks 😞 so I don’t know what the answer is x

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Kari55 in reply to Orla9298

So sorry to hear this Orla 🙁 The autoimmune illnesses are tricky and unfortunately can take long time to heal. I’m convinced that my husband’s sperm issues are caused by his autoimmune illness. His trying to follow Amy Myers protocol. He will have his antibodies tested in a few weeks so we will see what the results are. Well done for reducing the antibodies, this is definitely a great sign xx

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Blueberryy in reply to Orla9298

Oh dear ! How frustrating this all can be..fingers crossed we will get there in the end..

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Blueberryy in reply to Kari55

Wat diff it makes though ??

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Camillage in reply to Blueberryy

As the others above have said, it can lead to early losses, lack of implantation etc. So best to deal with these things when we find out about them x

Hi I have elevated thyroid antibodies and my clinic has put me on 5mg levothyroxine and it’s now come down within range before my FET next month. Could you ask about this?

Sorry I take 25mg

Hi Blueberryy. I also have very high antibodies. My first test result for thyroid TPO was 1711 and the range it should be at is 5 or under😳😳😳

I only found out this reading just before starting my third round of icsi( end of August just gone) So consultant put me on a steroid starting at the time of my stimms and also did Intralipids infusion which is meant to help the ammune system.I got one blastocyst to transfer on that round but unfortunately got a BFN. However I did feel that the steroids and intralipids helped in some way because after that round we tested my antibodies again and it had dropped to 1000... still very high I know but it was going in the right direction. At my follow up appointment with my consultant she explained that auto ammune can cause implantation failure and also you are at higher risk of miscarriage. She explained that most people with auto ammune disorders are more likely to carry higher NK cells... these are natural killer cells that attack the body and in people trying to get pregnant wether through ivf or naturally they can attack the embryo causing implantation failure or cause miscarriage 😪 I decided with advice from my consultant to get tested to see if I did indeed carry higher NK cells. It’s called a zip test and cost me 350 euros I got the results Monday this wk and of course all my readings were wrong 😩. My consultant said that my aggressive cell readings were WAY to high and my good cells were WAY to low😪 she told me that we hopefully could turn this round in bout 9 wks with medication. So I started on treatment on Tuesday if you want me to go into further what I’m on just pm me xxx

Also by looking up how to improve good NK cells. It’s says keep a healthy gut, reduce toxic stress, raise melatonin levels, eat more blueberries, garlic and mushroom. Make sure your getting enough selenium... you will get this from Brazil nuts. And up your beta Carotene. I started this diet three weeks ago and my antibodies TPO reading came back this time at 490 so massive drop hopefully the meds I’ve started on will help get me back to the normal 5 range ❤️

Wish you all the best and any questions don’t hesitate to contact me. Also if your consultant gives you any different advice that you think might help me please let me know xxx

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Blueberryy in reply to TeenyTiny

Thanks teenytiny for the info...why could this all not be straightforward😓..will deffo let u know if I m advised differently.also my smooth muscle antibodies have come back positive its titre 1:40..dont even know what that means...:(....wish you all the best in your journey too lovely...

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