Waiting for blood test results - any cycle buddies?!

So bloods have been done, I have to phone in this afternoon for the results to find out whether or not I am able to start IVF this month. If the results are good then I start the pill on Sunday and injections should start w/c 24th and egg collection w/c 21st November! Anyone else in the same position as me? Xx

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  • Hiya, I'm not at the ivf stage yet.. starting iui in the next couple of months.. but just wondered what are they looking for when they do these blood tests? Fingers crossed for you x

  • The blood test is between day 1 and 4 of your period to check your FSH levels - it checks your ovarian reserve to ensure that you are ready to start treatment. Xx

  • Hi I am doing short protocol on my next cycle which will be around 31st so egg collection maybe a round week of Nov 14th. So quite close! Exciting but scary x

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