9 little eggies!!!

EC all done and we've left 9 little ones in the clinic for my husband's boys to be introduced! Really pleased with the number as I'd set myself up for getting a lot less. Now just waiting for the call tomorrow and hoping there's lots of happy unions in the mix 🀞🀞🀞

Thanks everyone for all your well wishes, you have really helped keep me calm and positive throughout this process so far.

Lots of love to everyone and hope you have all got this amazing sunshine that seems to have appeared where we are! 🌞🌞🌞🌞


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  • Great news well done. Fingers crossed for fertilisation x

  • Starwbs that's great news! So happy for you! Fingers crossed for more good news to follow! x x x

  • Well done, 9 is a fantastic number! All the best for the next step, its horrible waiting on the calls!xx

  • Well done strawb86, we had our collection this morning as well. Fingers crossed that everything goes well and I hope your not feeling too sore. Xx

  • Right back at you billiejean! I love that song 😁 Holding my breath for all of us for tomo! Xx

  • Thanks ladies! Just need to keep the positive thoughts going now xxx

  • Yay well done you...so proud of all of us 😁 xx

  • Haha me too! Just need to hear from baby2016 now! Xx

  • Yay that's such a good number. V well done for getting this far. Sending you lots of positive thoughts for the 9 🍳's. Hope you aren't too sore. I just had my first scan - went ok. It's too early to tell how many follicles I wil have but told to expect between 6-8.xxx

  • Thank you lovely! I'm feeling fine thank you, just a bit tender but nothing too bad :) well done on your first scan, sounds like you're on the right track! When is your next one? Xxx

  • Glad you are feeling ok. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€Have you now got a week off? My next scan is on Friday. I have been told I have to start taking Centrotide injections tomorrow morning. Did you find them ok? I haven't actually been told how to use / mix it so hoping the instructions will be in the box when I get home. Did you inject yourself on your stomach?xxx

  • Yeah I'm officially off until 27th 😁 Got bits of work I still need to do though so will be logging on at home.

    Ah good luck with the cetrotide, yes I put it in the same place as the other jab (just other side of the tummy!). You do exactly the same thing to mix the cetrotide except there's only one powder portion (if it's the same as mine) and it takes a little while longer to dissolve. I'm sure you'll be fine! Good luck! Xxx

  • Yay that's brilliant, good luck wishing you lots of baby dust xx

  • Thank you Leesalou, how you getting on? Xx

  • I'm waiting to start my 2nd cycle, I have a blood test on 24/03 to see if I'm now amune to rubella, for ring up 27/03 then I'll get my date for consultation and go from there x

  • Great news, rest up ready for transfer xx

  • Thanks button! Hope all goes well with your donor on Friday and you get lots of lovely eggs! Exciting times! Xxx

  • Thanks I would be over the moon if we got 9 πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ

  • Aww keeping everything crossed for you xx

  • Amazing news!!! Keeping everything crossed πŸ€žπŸ™πŸ»

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