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Post FET symptoms

Hi ladies,

I'm currently 6dp 5dt and just wondered what symptoms to expect during the 2ww.

I've had a little tiny spotting on day 1 which stopped, some cramping & headaches of/on since. I'm doing better this time at calming my anxiety during the 2ww but feelings I get with my body tend to raise my anxiety levels a bit. Thought asking for some advice on here may help.

Big hugs to all xx

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Hi sweetie, I am in my 3rd FET and I can absolutely say that I have different symptoms each time! The first one was a BFN but I had the most 'pregnancy' type symptoms, the second one was a BFP for a bit, but no sore boobs etc but was hot, emotional, felt a fair amount of grumbling in my tummy, this time I'm not sure if it's because I'm expecting the symptoms and so are better at ignoring them, it's different again. I've never had any spotting or implantation bleeds but definitely headaches through all three. What I am trying to say ... is what you already know ... that there is actually no symptoms that can tell you which way this is going on 😠😔 we have so many drugs in our bodies, so much stress, so much attention to what is happening that to untangle what is what is impossible .. grr. So, totally hypocritically as I keep wobbling on this myself - try not to second guess the answer, it will come. Good luck honey, I look forward to hearing you getting your BFP xxx

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Thanks Datak I really appreciate someone getting back to me on this.

Yep I don't know what symptoms are the medication or what is real. I think I just wanted to know if there was anything definite to look out for.

My cramping & headaches have eased off a bit today (touch wood).

I suppose u just can't guess what will happen with this process as like u mentioned each time could be different.

Good luck for ur third attempt, I wish u sooooo much luck. Xxxx


Hi Nat6 . On my 2ww in first two days I had sensitive breast but all way through like period pain . On day 6/7 I had very light pink and brown spotting only when I was wipe. I only had couples small cramps and that it . No symptoms and that was time when I was worried maybe didn't work . On my official test day I wake up in morning with this strong period pain thinking ...ok I'm gonna do that tests and then I bet I'm gonna have period ... Turn diferent I had BFP ... I couldn't believe not having much symptoms . After my BFP I start having more often cramps on and off this like period pain more often going to pee special in night time ...☺️my breast when so sore that it hurts effecting my sleeping .... I never being sick in general I feel really good and that was worry me bit when I went last Friday in my first 7weeks scan ...till we sow us little bean and strong heartbeat ...it's amazing I cry and my hubby try to hide his tears ... I worry all this 2ww and after that . What I'm trying to tell u everyone is diferent all of us body respond diferent on drugs and pregnancy ...try not to worry to much stay positive Hun don't do early pregnancy test wait till your official day ...and please keep us updating and I wish you BFP 🍀🍀🙏🙏

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This has made me feel a little bit better on what has been a tough morning so far. I'm now 8dp 5dt & after having 1 day yesterday where I had no symptoms, I've now woken up with period like cramps & a little brown spotting. Feeling very sad like it might all be over again. The problem is Ive previously had 2 BFP & then bleed a few days later. I'm a bit haunted by those times & keep thinking it will happen again. I hope so much I can use ur experience to keep me strong through today. Xx


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