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Don't wait - much worse ovarian response than 10months ago!

I am in my 2nd fresh cycle, max dose of Gonal-F, and follicle development is going very slowly! Am on 16th day of stim!

I have a quarter of the follicles o had last year, and they are growing at half the normal rate (norm is 1.5mm/day).

I am on the wrong side of 40...

And I have needed breaks in treatment, to cope with the losses (failed cycles feel like miscarriage to me - bitter disappointment)... but now facing being cancelled before EC feels almost as bad.

We are going with "we only need one egg, one embryo"... (We're paying - doubt NHS wud allow continued stim)

....if you have any choice about when to get a fresh cycle, don't wait. xx

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Best of luck to you x

I totally understand and appreciate your post and would urge others not to wait unless there is a very good reason. On our first cycle I was 38 and only had 1 fertilised egg. Then my sister who is only two years older told me what she was experiencing the peri-menopause which has worried me that I might follow the same pattern in terms of age.

Ladies don't wait, however nervous you feel !!!!

We're working on the same idea of it only takes one and are currently waiting to test after 2nd attempt - and now I'm 39!

Failed cycles are hard, hopefully your 2nd one will be positive xx

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Very best wishes for your 2ww and your test, SharlyWarly (love the username!)

I finally seem to have 2 follicles almost at the size needed so EC this week... am so relieved to be nearing the end of this injection & scanning phase.

Hang in there, fellow Prospective Parents. Xx


Hi HowComeCantGetNo2. Just wanted to wish you well for EC this week, and of course for successful fertilisation. Thinking of you. Diane


Ahhh that's brilliant x

It might sound a bit bonkers but when I was at your stage I visualised my eggs growing to just the right size and being perfect - like a ripe fruit!! I don't know if it worked but it made me feel very positive about what I was going through and allowed me to trust my body to do the best it could.

Best of luck for EC this week, I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you xx


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