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2ww - think it might all be over

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I am on 6dpt and think the dream could be over. I've been feeling completely fine these past few days and haven't had any symptoms or pain but during the night I've had quite bad pains, like period pains, a heavy feeling down below, and when I went to the loo earlier I thought I saw a small amount of brown coloured blood.

I was trying to do a bit of housework earlier but I've had to stop as the heavy feeling and dull pain returned so I'm now sitting with my feet up. I'm convinced now that this is the end.

14 Replies
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Hi, hun! I’m sorry you’re feeling like this but I wouldn’t think this way. Your brown cloth could be sth else but that truly bad sign. All in all, I had 5 2ww-s. Each time differed much from the previous. And the time I expected BFN at least was just when it showed off badly!! I remember it was the most weird of all my 2ww-s. I felt no pain, no pinkish spotting, nothing. I strongly believed that was success, but was so terribly mistaken :(

I found this helpful eliscorner.wordpress.com/20... The 2ww must be in dog time. Because it feels more like a year than 14 days! We had lot of people knowing about we were passing DE IVF abroad. All they expected news and it made me even more stressed and nervous. So I went off the radar after embryo transfer for this period. (We transferred 2 5-day blasts) Yes the items for surviving can definitely help, but the emotional side is always strong.

Be strong, my dear, and wait for the date. Do not make haste predictions. Will be praying for you XX

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I found my 2ww really stressful so can sympathise completely. From what I read at the time it's only over when you get full on period bleeding. I read lots of posts that said brown bleeding is really common. Other people had red blood but still went on to get a bfp. So don't panic yet xx

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Hi honey

Really sorry to hear you're having worrying symptoms. Fingers crossed it might be implantation spotting as it is quite early on 🙏🙏🙏. Do you have cramps now or have they gone?


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lisaboyle36 in reply to PezG

They have completely gone again! Very strange. I'm also finding myself very tired, but that also comes and goes.

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PezG in reply to lisaboyle36

Aww glad the cramping has gone! Sounds like implantation to me 🙏xxx

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I completely understand that the 2ww is torture and you have all the negative feelings trying to prepare yourself for the worst outcome. It is easy to say stay positive when I know it will be the last thing on your mind.

All I can say is, it is not over until your test day and not everyone get pregnancy symptom during the 2ww.

I hope and pray that everything goes well for you.

Please let us know how you get on. xx

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I had brown spotting and then a pinkish tinge 9dp5dt. I also had some sharp groin twinges and went on to get a BFP. If its not full on bleeding then it may be due to implantation. x

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I also had slight brown spotting and mild cramps and just felt like I was going to get my period! Then got my BFP... Didn't get any symptoms with my failed cycle. You really never know! Best of luck 🍀

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Hi please don't do ANY housework. I know it can feel like you should possibly be doing something, but actually rest, sleep and listening to your body is the best possible action. I felt absolutely exhausted, slept at random times during the day and also had a few days of bleeding and pain. Listen to your body. Many people do have some bleeding throughout their pregnancy. Am wishing you the very best x

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all these things sound implantation symptoms.. wish u good luck.

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emzlou25 in reply to lovewinspain

I agree with u lovewinspain i think its implant bleeding xx

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Thanks everyone. I'm really hoping that they were implantation symptoms. Today I feel 100% fine. The odd dull pain feeling but the headache has completely gone.

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emzlou25 in reply to lisaboyle36

Headaches are a defo good sign i got all ur discribing with my BFP xxx

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Hi hun hope this helps, i had a bit brown spotting on day 6 of my 2ww and went on 2 have a BFP so its not over hunnie hope u get ur BFP to xx

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