The 2WW is harder than I thought it would be πŸ˜₯

Hey all,

So the 2WW is proving to be hard!!

I'm only 2dp5dt and I'm already desperate to know what the result is. It's horrible!!

Have made plans for most days this week to keep myself busy.

What symptoms did people get?

So far I've had a few sharp shooting pains, cramps, feeling dizzy and this morning I felt sick to the point where I had to make myself sick. I know these won't be symptoms of a positive yet as it's way too early!!

This is torture!! 😱 xxx

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  • 2ww defo the hardest part. Good Luck x

  • Thanks button! It really is πŸ˜” xxx

  • Awww I know Amanda I'm the same 3dp3dt.!!!

    It's easier 2nd time round,I don't feel as anxious and going with the flow more.

    Nothing to lose 😬

    Keep doing what your doing with keeping busy.

    Your allowed to be nervous and symptom spot,but don't let it control your thoughts 24/7.....

    Be positive and happy thoughts ❀️️

    Hope your cold is clearing up!!

    Mines has today woo hoo πŸ‘πŸΌ Xxxx

  • Thank you. My cold is better too thanks πŸ˜€ although I'm sneezing lots but can cope with that lol!

    Trying to stay as positive as I can. Before we started I felt like I would be positive I dunno whats changed I just feel so scared it's going to be negative.

    I honestly didn't think this wait would be this hard. I was so wrong lol.

    Hope your keeping well 😊 xxx

  • Glad you feel better Amanda ☺️

    It's 50/50 so no matter the outcome you will have all the love and support from you husband ❀️️

    Last time I made a list of of nice positive treats for both outcomes so you have nice things to look forward too?


  • That's a really good idea. Think I will do that πŸ˜€ xxx

  • Hey me too Amanda its so much harder than i thought I guess I felt I would be excited but ive felt panicked since ET day just so worried it isnt going to work out for us. Im 5dp5dt today and its felt like a month already so desperate to get to that test day while at the same time scared to know! its a difficult feeling. I have been trying to distract myself but find watching TV doesn't do much and hubby at work so no one to talk to but the dogs and my little embryo means im googling symptoms far too much lol! I cant really offer any advice as im finding it just as difficult but good luck and ill be keeping fingers crossed for you x

  • Thanks PMauz,

    Oh I know it's horrible. Everyday feels like about a week. Total torture!!

    I'm trying to watch TV too but like you say it doesn't do much distracting and I'm googling constantly too lol!

    Have you felt you've had any symptoms? Xxx

  • Hey, I had a heavy crampy feeling for the day of ET and day after, also a bad hot flash evening of ET (never felt anything like it) since then had the odd twinge like a stitch on my right side, vivid dreams and night sweats every night since ET, thats it tho in general id say I feel pretty normal physically lol emotionally im a wreck haha! x

  • I feel your pain! Well I really hope our symptoms lead us to a BFP πŸ™ πŸ€ xxx

  • Ah you poor thing, the 2ww is dreadful. Definitely the worst bit by a long way.

    I've done two of them and both I had very different symptoms for yet both got bfp! Try not to google too much as many symptoms can be both good or bad and there is no way of knowing. Keep your mind busy where you can, lots of early nights and films helped me!

    Remember two things:

    1. It will pass in the end

    2. You can't know anything for certain until the day itself

    Good luck, there's loads of support here xx

  • Thanks Daisy,

    Your right. I won't know for certain until test day no matter what symptoms I have.

    Will do everything I can to take my mind off it and hopefully the time will pass quickly 😬 xxx

  • Good luck!

  • Hang in there..keep busy is best advice and try not to symptom spot ...good luck xxx

  • Thanks Vic 😊 xxx

  • Good luck amanda .Im currently doing FET cycle and the 2nd time round Im still nervous I did my first icsi last year and now have a son and decided to go again My transfer will be around the 11th November the 2ww never gets any easier it feels like the days drag out cos your waiting for your result I hope u get the bfp lots of luck xx

  • Thanks Ro5ie,

    That's brilliant that your first icsi was successful and your now having a second go 😊 sending you lots of luck.

    Really hope I get my BFP too. It'll be the best Birthday/Christmas gift 🎁 for me xxx

  • thank you very much Ive got my first scan tomorrow then If all ok then i start on progynova when is ur test day xx

  • My test day is 31st of October πŸŽƒ xxx

  • Hey

    I know it's hard but try to get keep busy or your drive yourself mad.

    Had my transfer today so know what your feeling.

    are you going back to work???

    When is your test day ?? Mine works out day 16! Can't believe I have to wait another 11 days!!!!

    Stay positive Hun xxx πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  • I'm off work as it was recommended with me working in a job which is quite physically heavy (I work in a care home) and I think that's adding to the constant thinking things because I don't have work to take my mind off it. However I wanted to take the time off as if it's not successful I knew I'd blame my job if I continued to work.

    My test day is 31st of October.

    Good luck πŸ€ πŸ™ xxx

  • wow that quick to test lucky you!! that will soon come round.

    Good idea to be off work but try not to over think things!!

    I just had 6 days off so back to take my mind of things, I'm doing office based duty this week then back to. Or so duty next week visiting new born babies going to be so hard for me!!!!

    Good luck to you xx

  • That will be hard for you πŸ˜”

    Good like to you also. Keeping everything crossed xxx

  • It really is torture that is the only word for it. I didn't have many symptoms at all just a kind of pulling sensation and cramps when I unfortunately got my period. Wishing you lots of luck xx

  • Thanks Katya xxx

  • I will be on my 2ww from Friday but since it's my 2nd cycle I am feeling a bit more relaxed. But I guess I can't speak too soon. lol.

    As everyone has said, continue what you are doing and try hard to stay positive.

    Wishing you all the best and I have everything crossed for a BFP. xxx

  • Thank you πŸ˜€ keeping everything crossed for you too! Xxx

  • Hi ladies so comforted to read these posts. I had my transfer on the 17th, and oh my Lord I'm cracking up. Found the treatment up until now relatively ok as in I managed to stay sane but that's gone out the window. Was so positive but now so scared in case it's bfn but then feeling bad for feeling bad as we are supposed to stay positbe. Literally been the longest week of my life! Analysing every , twitch,flinch , flicker 😧😧 my thoughts , love and baby dust to us 2 ww waiters! X

  • Thanks Raglee,

    When is your test day? I know it's horrible and every little feeling your like what's that!! Today I'm having AF type pains πŸ˜₯ xxx

  • I have some cramping but on my right side which is weird , actually I don't know if it is as I have no idea what's normal!! Lol! My test day the 1st of Nov , when is yours? X

  • Mines is the day before. 31st October.

    I'm the same I feel like I don't know what's normal anymore lol. I get a twinge and I'm like what's that do I normally get that? I'm not sure! Lol.

    I had strong AF type pains this morning that lasted 5 minutes and that's all today really. I haven't felt very much today actually.

    I'm keeping note of my symptoms just out of interest really so I can look back and see if they meant anything xxx

  • Day before me!! I had my ET on the 17th so really we have a 15 day wait. Don't know why our clinic makes us go longer ...... Tortute.. So tempted to test early but goin to stay strong , what about u? X

  • I think it depends on your transfer? Which did you have?

    From the sheet I have with a 3dt it would have been 11 days wait for me. With the 5dt it was 9 days.

    15 days seems so long!!!

    My EC was 17th and ET was 22nd.

    I was thinking to test a day early on the Sunday? Might be a bad idea but I've to go to hospital at 8 on the morning of test day to have bloods done and the thought of just finding out and having to go straight to hospital I just don't like that πŸ€” xxx

  • I had a 5 day transfer , so I thought I should be earlier. I'm totally thinking of testing on the Sunday too as I'm a primary teacher and if it's a bfn I'll find it so hard to hide my sadness to the kids if I have to go straight in. It's so hard isn't it? X

  • If you had a 5 day transfer then by Sunday it'll surley be fine? My hospital say to test 14 days after EC. Maybe that's because they do a blood test too though I'm not sure?

    Your right it is hard. Doesn't seem right to have to test and then just get straight back into things. Think I will definitely test Sunday I'm talking myself into it lol xxx

  • I'm here talking myself and yourself into it too, what are we like? Well I'll be praying for the both of us , and all of us here on the 2ww. So great to have the support from people who actually "get it" X

  • I will be praying for us and everyone else too. πŸ™ I've got everything crossed!!

    I'm desperate to know now but you know I actually think I'll be really scared on Sunday! Xxx

  • Totally , abso dying to know but petrified to know , such mixed emotions X

  • It really is!! Well I will be sure to let you know if I test on Sunday xxx

  • Jeez! It's awful, isn't it! The days literally drag by! Try not to over think your 'symptoms'. I did have cramping but I think it was due to egg collection rather than any pregnancy symptom! Best thing you can do it keep busy!

    Best of luck X

  • Thanks Hopeful1982,

    Yeah the days really do drag by lol.

    Definitely the worst part of the journey xxx

  • Hi I feel like this can't do anything until I find out bless us all . I hope someone sends me some baby dust that works !!!!

  • It's so hard. I hope I get some of that baby dust too! Xxx

  • You poor thing , it's the worst time ever ! Keeping busy is key , catch up with friends have duvet days and chill .xx

  • Thanks Leah,

    It's very hard. 4dp5dt today. Keeping myself busy and got my blood test Monday. Might be too early for a pregnancy test but feel I need to take one before blood test just to see what it says xxx

  • I tested day 9 post 5 day I had a positive they say testing before day 9 is too early . You don't want to get a false result but I completely understand wgere your coming from Hun xx

  • I might hold off and test Monday morning then. Was going to test on Sunday but at least Monday I will be 9dp5dt.

    Did you have any symptoms during your 2ww? Xxx

  • I had cramping , I generally felt different too couldn't explain it , even my husband noticed a difference in me and was convinced it was positive and he was right . But cramping is normal Hun x even spotting can be normal so don't panic x

  • I've had cramping. Quite strong yesterday and horrendous today. So strong that I felt sweaty and sick but it passed after about 20 minutes.

    Apart from that I feel OK to be honest and don't really feel anything else.

    Had a few more symptoms the first couple of days but yesterday and today was just the cramping. Xxx

  • It's good Hun could be implanting :) is it your first go ? I was so nervous first time round but I actually found second round I was more relaxed , I knew what to expect x

  • Yeah this is my first treatment. Probably why I'm over analysing everything!! Lol. I've seen a few people say they were so much more relaxed on a second shot. Xxx

  • Bless ya well good luck Hun :) keep positive as much as you can . Xx good things do happen I'm 15 weeks tomorrow Xx

  • Thanks Leah and congratulations on your BFP πŸ˜€ hope it'll be the same result for me πŸ™ πŸ€ xxx

  • Hey ladies I'm new to this forum but great seeing all your posts. πŸ˜‰

    I'm also on my 2WW, I'm 5dp5dt, I have a 22 month old girl from previous fresh ET, so this time I have used just 1 of my FET.

    My first time I had different symptoms to now like cramping, sore boobs, sleepless nights.

    This time I've had a little cramping on day 4 but that's all, so I'm not sure what the outcome will be. But what I do know no matter how many times we do ivf, iui etc the 2WW is torture 😯 but hopefully we all get BFP's on our D-Days. Good luck to you all xx

  • Hey daddykray,

    Congratulations on the birth of your little girl from your first cycle πŸ˜€

    They do say that no cycle is the same and no symptoms will be the same so try not to worry.

    This is my first cycle and I feel quite negative. I started off with some symptoms but today (5dp5dt) and I'm feeling OK.

    How far into the 2WW are you? Xxx

  • Hi amanda86,

    Thank you. I am on d6pd5t πŸ˜‰ so only 1 day in front. I think this time I know what to expect so looking for same symptoms but your correct every time is different & individual.

    I've to test on day 11 (03/11) so fingers crossed it's BFP. πŸ‘Ό if not then we have our little miracle baby so still feel blessed.

    Try & stay positive if you can. fingers crossed for you x

  • I am having a blood test on Monday 31st however I will be taking a pregnancy test beforehand. I know I probably shouldn't but I just don't like the idea of not having a clue what the outcome might be and having a blood test so need to take one.

    I know it may not work but I think I'd feel more prepared for the blood test.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for us both πŸ˜ŠπŸ™ xxx

  • Well on my last cycle I tested few days before my blood tests as I was too impatient & it came back positive.

    So you should be OK, as long as you test after d9ptd it will still be able to detect hcg levels.

    Exciting times, but nerve racking at the same time. good luck x

  • My blood test falls on 9dp5dt so will probably test morning before and morning off. Keeping everything crossed it's good news 😊 xxx

  • Well don't loose hope if the day before is negative side I do know from day 9 is when hcg should be detected & may give false reading before.

    Please keep me posted. fingers crossed & I'm sprinkling you with loadz of miracle baby dust πŸ‘‹β˜„β˜„β˜„ xx

  • Thanks so much πŸ˜€ I will keep to up to date xxx

  • Let me know how you get on too πŸ€xxx

  • Will do πŸ˜‰ xx

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