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Second cycle after Egg Retrieval

Good morning All

I will call my clinic in a while, but wanted to ask yourselves as well.

Egg collection took place in August and had to freeze my 10 embryos due to risk of OHSS

My second cycle arrived I think yesterday, it was only a day late ( confused as it's mega mega mega light, so not even sure if it's a period ). Normally I get very sore breasts, but this time, just twinges in my stomach.

I started progynova yesterday as I am due to do a frozen transfer in October.

But now mega confused as to if I have my period or not as hardly any sporting over night.

Anyone else experience this .

Was going to do a pregnancy test, but chances are slim to none...

Yours truly confused.com 😩😩😍

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Hi San1510. Just wanted to wish you all the best with this, and hope that your call to your clinic went well. I'm sure they will keep a close eye on you with scans/blood tests so that you can go ahead with transfer at the earliest possible time. Thinking of you. Diane


Thank you Dianne

Cycle was definitely messed up this time. In the past I have never had any spotting. But this time it was 2 days of spotting .

On day 3 the full flow arrived 😀

Rang clinic and they had advised stop taking tablets until full flow arrived

So, am back on progynova and scan booked in for 29th to check thickness of lining and hopefully get date for transfer .

Was reading up and seems like it's not abnormal for the cycles to go awry after treatment

Here's hoping for the best 😀

Thank you


Hi San1510. You would not believe the amount of cycles that go haywire after failed treatment cycles. At least you're on the right course now, so roll on for good news on the 29th so you can complete it all. Good luck! Diane


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