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Only 2 Follice found had to increase Merional

Hello Ladies,

Had my pre st scan today , unfortunately my body did not respond very well and only found 1 follicle each side of ovary . I am now on increase dosage of Merinol from 300 iu to 450 iu. And going back for another scan on Saturday . Wondering if any of you had similar situation ? Iam hoping with the higher dosage the miracle happens and have good no of Follice. Just trying to be positive..

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Hi Honey..

I have just completed my cycle of merinol..I had my first cycle of IVF using gonal F i produced lots of follicles on both side so went straight to ec...i only got 2 eggs and one fertilized but ended in BFN...i then went to second cycle using merinol again was told lots of follicles and again 2 eggs! but this time both fertilized which was a little better than last time but still sad had same result on ec! So although a little different from you just wanted to say good luck and i know how it feels to respond poorly! at least they know and havent gone straight to ec therefore giving you chance to increase dose and get better results good luck sweetie xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Hello Liz,

Thank you for reply . It's feel bit better after reading it , I was but teary this morning , feeling bit positive Hope fully this extra dose will work better . Thank you once again for your best wishes .. Good luck 🙂🙂🙂


Hi Min31. Just wanted to wish you well with your scan booked for tomorrow. it's surprising what an increase in dose can do. You may not get lots of eggs, but hopefully you will get a few good ones. Good luck! Diane


Thank you Diane your positive response means a lot .


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