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Half way through stimms and dosage increased


Dont really have a question just feeling really sorry for myself. Started on wed on 375 iu menopur, scan and bloods on Sunday showed below average so they have increased my dosage to 450 since Monday. Today is day 7 ( though haven't taken todays injection yet) and I feel like nothing is happening, no bloating or anything. Back tomorrow for another scan but they have basically said they can't increase me anymore, I'm 'maxed out, but not to worry as Sunday was an early scan and things hopefully will start to improve by tomorrow. Hubby annoying me too lol, he decided to go to pub on sat to 'de-stress' knowing that ec will b in less than 2 weeks so iv barely spoken to him either. Def feel this 3rd time round is tougher on me mentally!!

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Sorry to hear you are having a hard time. I can relate to the cycle 3 feeling. I’m also cycle 3 and 5 days into stims and finding it hard. Have you had Menopur on the first two cycles? I had it for my first two and both times I responded slowly but when it came to the final scan I had just enough to go ahead. That stronger dose could be all you need. Try and stay positive, but I know how hard that is! Good luck tomo. Xx

No I had bemfola the first 2, but slow responder, had 3 eggs first cycle and 6 on 2nd cycle so he wanted to try me on menopur, I dunno I just have a bad feeling, feel like i should have stayed on bemfola but higher dose. Anyway I'm on it now so have to hope for the best. Going for acupunture this evening. Are u on menopur this cycle also? What dosage are u on?

Hi, I’m on Ovaleap this time. Not had this before. First scan tomo so don’t know how I’m doing at the minute. It’s good to try and new drug so at least Menopur is a change for you. It might just need a extra day or two on the stronger dose. Let me know how you get on. Xx

We're entitled to feel sorry for ourselves once in a while and its to be expected with all we go through so don't worry about that.

I started my first cycle in Feb and I was on 450 Menopur from day 1. When I went for my scan on day 8 there was nothing really happening, I had 2 small follicles not even in range, I went back to work and felt so so down. Fast forward to day 10 scan and they could see 6 follicles that were in the right range. I kept on stims for 1 more day then I had a double trigger. At egg collection 8 eggs were collected (it was 11 but 2 were degenerate 1 was something else that I can't remember). Things really can change in a couple of days so try not to focus on that. Eat lots of protein and drink lots of water, all the normal advice.

Oh and I didn't really feel any bloating until day 8 or 9 and it was manageable.

Oh hubby! What are they like! I think their way to de-stress is to get away from the house etc whereas as we prefer to be at home especially when on stims.

If you can, just have a chat and try to clear the air, added stress is the last thing you need at the minute. xxx

Thanks, that's positive. I would be delighted with 8 eggs!!! I'm stimming for 12 days in total them trigger, I just feel deflated already and hubby not helping!! Going to have to have a chat tonight

I have amh of 3.75 (probably lower now) and the consultant was pleased with end result. Don't give up yet.


My any was 14 but just a slow /no responder, I genuinely believe if I had a low amh at least maybe the drugs wud boost it then, but because it was normal there is just no reason why they aren't doin much.

I'm sorry you're feeling like this. I'm not of much help here. Just dropped to wish you good luck with treatments. I believe your dr knows what's better for you. So hope this dosage increased will help to get some perfect ones. Take good care of yourself. All my positive thoughts going your way x

Thank u, I justvget I needed some positive vibes, 3rd time round you start to lose hopem

Hi there, I had lots of bloating on my first round - we collected 4 eggs. On my second cycle last month, no bloating and we collected 12 eggs. I truly believed that there was nothing going on in there! Fingers crossed for you 🤞💕 xx

Thanks, I dud have a bit of bloating on my 2nd cycle and got 6 eggs, whereas first no bloating was 3... But with this being a complete new stimm I'm doing this time i just feel like back ro square one, don't really know what to expect.

I was on menopur for both cycles, I suppose each time we cycle, we can respond in different ways

Dear Littleflower82, I am sorry to hear you are struggling. Do try to keep positive. It's OK not to feel anything when stimming - I was the same - the journey can be so up and down at times. One scan is more worrying, then it bounces back. I am sure it will be the same for you. There is a saying on the noticeboard at the hospital where I go and it says that, 'Infertility is an experience that continually fluctuates in intensity, so that at different times you may have different needs and experience different emotions.' So, perhaps, your husband needed a little time out but, given that you communicate and talk things through, you should be OK. Consider whether a counsellor at your hospital/clinic could help - both, me and my husband talk to our counsellor individually and together and it is most helpful. Good luck with stimming! You are cracking on!

Thank u for the sweet message really apprecriate it, I'm considering counselling this time as I have to admit I'm struggling and finding it much tougher mentally this cycle. Hubby is just guarded, I dunno a wee mind of his own at times, he thinks I think about ivf too much, even this site he doesn't agree with me being on, said my mind doesn't get a break from it. Prob true but wen your going through it, it's impossible to think of anything else!!

Sending positive vibes, relax through your acupuncture and have faith. Best of luck for tomorrow x x

Thank u xx


Wishing you all the best for this round! Me and my OH arent really speaking at the min! I spent all Sunday doing all the housework whilst he didnt do a thing! I gave him a piece of my mind on Monday! Hes gone cinema tonight on his own and off out to his mates Sat night! Im actually glad to have the house to myself 😂. He will come round when he wants attention off me 🤣🤣🤣. I start my round on Thursday. 450 iu Merional (im a poor responder) eeek! X

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Hi ya you sound exactly like me, cycle and hubby lol!!! My hubby told me last night I obv can't deal with ivf if I'm constantly crying, I said back I am not made off wood, I am pumping stuff into my body and my hormones are all over the place, I said every woman doing this is prob the same, he then went on to say then it was him he can't deal with me crying, so I said am I supposed to try an hide it from u, let it all build up then to protect u as u can't deal with it, I said I just want support, a hug, a bloody cup of tea made even!!! I got no reply to that but give me a hug last night so it's his way of realising what I mean or trying to anyway. My husband has been through alot in his life and is very guarded with feelings..... Which doesn't help me! Anyway lol I am now on 450iu too, of menopur though, iv not heard of merional. Is this ur first cycle? This Is My 3rd. I'm also a poor responder, amh is 14 but getting response of about 2..... hubby also has low sperm count. Hope all goes well for u, and good luck starting ur stimms tomorrow. Xx


Haha! Yes i got a hug last night and a dairy milk today😂. They love us really but I agree that they hide their feelings! This will also be my 3rd round but with donor too. I've literally just got off line after emptying my savings account😥. My overtime starts on Sunday! Im fine on meds but he sets me off as does something to wind me up whilst im on them. My partner has azoospermia basically zero sperm! So he has to have sperm extraction. This is what stresses him out. Good luck to you too! Xxx

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