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Should I give up?

Just some advice please as I'm struggling today. I am single and having been diagnosed with severe endo this year at the age of 37 I've decided I would like to try for a baby. I only have my right ovary left thanks to a large endometrioma taking my left one!! My afc and amh are only 4. Because of this I have been refused acceptance onto the prepaid refund programme for private IVF.

I am now panicking that I can't afford to lose such a lot of money as I am likely to need more than one go. Am I deluding myself? I keep trying to have hope then something else comes along and it's gone!! I feel like I've lost control of my life and what I hope for. I've lost my left ovary and tube and now have to lose my left kidney thanks to the endo. It now looks like I may have to lose my dream of having a baby as well. I am shattered by all this and feel like just giving up.

Thanks for listening X

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Hi Hellsbells, I can only imagine how shattered you must feel having to go through all this! But it is not impossible to have a baby with one ovary and one kidney... I image the latter would just need careful monitoring. Perhaps I misunderstood, but is that nhs that has refused to fund an ivf due to low amh and afc?? that's really surprising!! have you investigated cheaper options abroad? or perhaps trying IUI first?

I'm not sure I can give any advice, but if I was in your position, if I gave up on having a baby now I would need to be sure that in 10 years I would not regret it. Perhaps you just need a bit of time to heal and accept the loss of your ovary and kidney, before moving on.... but don't give up just yet! Sorry about the ramble and lack of proper advice.... But just want to wish you very best for whatever you decide X


Hi Honey...

Only you will know whats right for you..Our first round of IVF failed and left us having to self-fund a second round we looked into having the money back option for private ivf too..we decided to go with our hospital as we knew them trusted them and the money back option started at £8000 and we only had money for one round £3288..so decided to go with that and just risk losing it which i know is a massive risk..thing is i think its better for me to take the risk now than look back and wonder what might have happened if i had tried again once its to late! I think going for consultations might help they are free so you dont lose anything but will be more better informed for making your decision! Good luck sweetie hope it works for you! You are so brave i cannot imagine going through this journey on your own well-done for that very brave of you!


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