Is it over before it began?

Hi Everyone. It's my first time posting although I've been following your posts for a while. My hubby and I have been ttc for 18 months. I'm 35 and he's 43. We've started tests to find out what's causing our fertility problems and are awaiting further scans/tests/ consultations. My consultant advised that I needed to lose (more) weight to get my BMI down to below 29 as the NHS would not provide funding if BMI over 29. However I've just received a follow up letter to say that BMI would have to be 29 for at least 6 months and that we would not be eligible for any NHS treatment anyway because they only fund treatment up to 34 years old in my area. I'm super upset as it feels like we've been stopped before we've even started 😕 So my question for those that are self funding, will private clinics offer treatment at my age, bearing in mind it will take a good 6 months to get my BMI down to 29 and then another 6 months of keeping it at 29 and I'll be almost 37 by then. Sorry for the long post and good luck to you all on your journeys xx

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  • Well done on losing the weight. It doesn't seem fair after all that that you don't meet the criteria for IVF. Are they still going to do the tests, this could save you quite a bit of money but the timescales will be much slower than a private clinic. If you get them done on the NHS ensure you have copies of your notes to take to a private clinic.

    We are self funding due to my age, my BMI is fine as is hubby's, however the private clinic take people up to a BMI of 35. Being healthy weight has benefits but private clinics often have wider criteria than the NHS.

    Might be an idea to get some ideas from clinics about prices. Out tests cost approx £1000 before starting treatment, I could have had them done on NHS but the wait was very long with no quarantine of definite dates.

  • Hi pm27. Thanks for your reply. It was a real blow getting the letter as I'd thought as long as I lost the weight we would be eligible for funding. At the moment they've said they will do the oustanding tests but won't fund any treatment. Thanks for the advice about getting all the notes and test results, hopefully that will help to keep costs down for private treatment. Good luck to you in your journey x

  • So sorry to hear of your disappointment. The NHS funding is such a postcode lottery, I was funded by NHS and I'm 38!

    You won't have a problem getting private treatment at 37 but they will probably ask you to ensure you BMI is below 30. Some clinics may offer treatment with a higher BMI but remember that the lower it is the better your chances.

    Wishing you lots of luck on your journey x

  • Can they not still do the tests at least to actually see if they can find a reason if regarding ttc myself and partner started our journey in June blood tests/semen test/ scans/. Next step was laparascopy &dye and hysterocoscopy which I've just had done. I would still push towards the tests. Hope all works out for you and don't give up hope x

  • I'm sorry to hear that!!! I think each clinic is different, at ours they will help patients up to 44. And the BMI is higher than in the NHS too. Good luck hun xx

  • Hi I too had to get my weight down up after our first Failed ICSI (BMI was 29) I am now getting the weight off I put on from that and more to try to get my BMI to 25 as the clinic said its tested to be the best BMI for IVF.

    Google exante and the total solution plan. Now don't get me wrong it's a full on diet but my god it works and quick! I'm currently on day 5 and lost 9lb already. With the offers its about £20 a week but with my incentive of having a baby I find that's enough to stick with it! I did the Cambridge plan but at £60 a week just for the pleasure of haveing a meet up to get weighed once a week it's just not worth it. It all comes down to will power but I'm such an impatient person loosing a couple pound a week just doesn't do it for me any more. - until I'm nearer goal weight then I will do slimming world to eat normally and healthily going forward. I just want a bulk off before Christmas! we are waiting for a fine egg cycle March / May time due to waiting list X

  • Hi

    My clinic isn't bothered about bmi the u may say try and loose a bit but don't tell you how much and when by. It's up to you if u do and ages doesn't matter either x good luck

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