New arrival 2 weeks on saturday ( fur baby )

New arrival 2 weeks on saturday ( fur baby )

Ok so a little off topic sort of, but since my 2nd ivf round was cancled we decided another fur baby was required, we already have 1 cocker 2 years old called lunatic so the new addition is going to be called chaos ..... with 2 cats and 2 dogs thats what our house hold will be lol.

Im sure they will help keep us sane over the stresses and strains of our next ivf round 😁.

Fingers crossed our next addition will be a pink baby.

Good luck to you all whatever stage you are at on your journeys xx

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  • Oh so cute. Thank you for bringing a smile:-)

    I would not be without my fur ball either. Best thing we ever did.

  • OMG how cute. I Love my furbaby don't know what we would do without him xxx

  • Same here they certainly help keep us sane x

  • Hi Crazy_cat. Certainly cheering everyone up! My brother's little cocker spaniel is called "Spliff"!! Can you imagine calling that out of your back door! What will the neighbours think! Here's to a "pink" one next time around. Diane

  • Awwww bless lol lol yes i can imagine getting a few funny looks with spliff.

    Thank you 😊

  • Omg ❤️❤️ Adorable and fabulous choice if a human one comes along. We've had a rescue pedigree cocker for 3 years we found tied to a tree in the woods, she is the most tactile generous friendly greatful dog I've ever met. She been abandoned after being kept long enough to feed her 9th litter 😡 (The microchip owners didn't want her back because they had bred her with huskies that had caused oversized pups they had caused uterine injury and they didn't want to foot the bills 😡) She was on the brink when we found her and after lots of tlc and dematting we found a Twix wrapper woven into her fur so we called her that.

    I love the colouring on your pup ❤️ And what a fantastic name xxxxx

  • Omg its awful how some people treat animals its so sad.

    Lovely that you have given her a loving home now and she brings you joy.

    My mam also has a 9 month old cocker so we are definatly a crazy cocker family lol.

    Yes think cockers are very loving if anyone one walks past mine and says awwwww its his automatic reaction that means they want tostroke the fur lol

    Awww i love your name for her too x

  • Too gorgeous for words!! X

  • Omg that's the cutest thing ever, just screaming out for cuddles😍congratulations

  • Lol thank you , im sure he will be keeping up screaming for cuddles in the night

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