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Ladies. I am currently embarking on a donor egg programme abroad after 6 failed ICSI treatments. I had a query regarding sourcing of medication. I suspect the drug company will charge me a fortune and I have already asked the contact clinic on the UK about obtaining a prescription and sourcing myself. Although there is a cost for them to write on some paper! I was wondering if any of you have gone about sourcing your own supplies and would be willing to share your experiences. I am tempted to pop to my local supermarket and chat to the pharmacist or even boots but would really value your thoughts.

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For the round we've just done privately, we got the prescription from our clinic and then after lots of emails and visits to the local pharmacies we found somewhere they saved us a good few hundreds of ££ in comparison to the clinic directly :-)

Do you know what drugs you'll need yet?


Thanks for your reply. I found out yesterday what I needed but now we have time pressures and I think I am going to have no choice but to go through the clinics drug company which is really annoying.


I'll pm you :-)


Adsa. No VAT added, I saved £500 on each round of IVF instead of clinic which I used first round..good luck xx

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We don't have asda here but I went to sainsburys that were the same principle


Hi Kell27. The overseas clinic could Fax the prescription to Sainsburys - ask. Diane


We used Biodose & found them much cheaper than any other quotes received - biodoseservices.co.uk/Stork... xx