Follow up appt after 1st failed IVF

Hi everyone we had our follow up appointment yesterday after a negative test from our 1st IVF cycle. We're taking a break for another month and then we're going again. At least our dr is in agreement we should try again. Hopefully our next one will result in a positive test result. It's hard to know we've got to do it again but I'd do anything to get the result we all want so bad 🙂

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  • Hi Kelly, so sorry your first cycle wasn't successful, but at least the second time 'round you'll know what to expect. It's such an emotional and physically stressful experience, and having just gone through my first cycle also I can sympathise.

    A friend of mine had a failed cycle at the start of 2015, and went on to conceive naturally the very next month.

    Deep breath, and stay positive xx

  • Think of this as the test run! Hoping you get a BFP next time round x

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