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Wait for NHS or go private?

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Hi just looking for some advice.

I am infertile and have been receiving fertility treatment since 2014. I cannot produce and release eggs myself as my body does not regulate/produce hormones. I used to but have always had excessive bleeding, cysts and pelvic pain.

I stopped the bleeding after having the mirena.

I have worked my way from clomifene, letrazole and various other tablets. I then moved onto FSH infections used with HCG injection ovitrelle which has worked to grow and release eggs. I have had 6 Cycle's in which my consultant guaranteed would work. I have had one by chemical pregnancy but other than this i have not fertilized a egg. I have now been advised they cannot give me any more injection Cycle's on the NHS. I will now be reffered for IVF with a current waiting list of approx 1.5 year.

Unfortunately my next clinic appointment has been cancelled but unfortunately the way my consultant works he never discusses the future likes to focus on the current treatment.

I haven't been informed on the process and how long it takes once I receive an appointment and the process.

As I had have no hormones for at least 5 years before I started my treatment it was a horrible experience and I have had quite bad side effects and since 2014 have constantly had hormones. I am really worried to wait a year and a half to withdraw from the hormones and go through the process all over again , whatever the process is ?

Do I wait or do I go private and have the treatment sooner? What is the script with second children and for post IVF with private to use NHS again ? Sorry I'm a bit clueless as they haven't spoke to me about IVF at all

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Hi there! Sounds like a really turbulent journey and super frustrating. Maybe an option would be to see a specialist privately who can help you decide if you have time to wait or if it's in your best interest to go ahead privately. All the very best of luck x

That waiting time is long! Have you had a look on the hfea website at the clinic you would go for as they have timeframes on waiting times for NHS and private. I also wouldn't be scared at ringing the clinics to get a better indication on how long the appointments take to come through.

I would personally say, if you are entitled to NHS round then grab them and maximise your potential.

We started trying at beginning of 2013, got referred for IVF sept 2014, had our first clinic appointment November 2014, started first round December 2014.

We were entitled to 2 fresh cycles and 3 frozen cycles. If you are lucky enough to have a successful round/birth then the next fresh cycle is taken away, but if you have frozen embryos, you can pay to keep them until you want to pay to use them.

We've used our two NHS fresh cycles and a frozen cycle...got two positives, but sadly miscarried. Have just paid for a private round and it doesn't look like it's worked :-(

It's worth trying to see if the clinic you are considering holds open days/evenings to have a look around.

That is a very long waiting time. My specialist informed me upon referral that IVF has recently been added to the NHS 18 week pathway, meaning that you must have had your first appointment within 18 weeks of the referral. So I would follow this up if you have been told otherwise. We hardly had to wait any time at all once we were referred, but it really does depend upon the clinic.

Check out this link for more information on the 18 week pathway... improvementsystem.nhsiq.nhs...

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do you know if this is applicable to NHS Scotland ?

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I don't know. I'm in London so it could possibly be different, but it would be worth looking into.

If you can afford to go private I personally would rather than waiting for the nhs xx

I am in Scotland not sure if NHS Scotland differs ? Not necessarily afford it but it's one of they life decisions and what's most important

Hi all I haven't logged on for a while a few weeks after I posted this post even with the doctors belief that it wasn't working and the fact this was the 6th time we had tried this method of treatment. I found out I was expecting. I am now 22 weeks.

I just wanted to share so nobody gives up hope. This may be completely irrelevent but 5 days prior to conception and 3 days after I was using a burnfattea 7 day tea fox as it was my sisters wedding on the 8th day. I also received a facial and a massage on either the day of or day after conception. Again two things that may be completely irrelevent however I have heard so many reviews of massage and reflexology in aiding fertility.

I wish you all the best with your journey and hope you all get your happy ending.

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