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Does ivf mess up your periods?

Hi. I had a failed cycle on 9th August. Thought I would do the clearblue ovulation test this month just incase we could get pregnant naturally worth a go!! Everyday I've done it it's come back low fertility prob started 9th day after period and it's now 15 days after period. Now I've noticed that I've started light bleeding. Do you think my body is just messed up? X

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It took a few months for my periods to return to normal after each failed round. My GP said this was to be expected.

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Hi katya38. Unfortunately, yes it can. Sometimes takes up to 3 months to settle back down to normal. Let's hope you don't have to wait that long. Good luck! Diane


Hi! I think it's better to ask your dr. This is what I experienced on the point. I found out that after our first attempt my cycle was delayed by 5-6 days. I then had to start our 2nd round on CD2 rather than CD21. There are ways round it - our bodies are too different. But I believe most of women do have their shifts with IVF procedures definitely.

Hope you're feeling ok and good luck with further treatment X


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