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Castor Oil packs to help fertility?

Like we all do Ive been on google again and found a weird craze of people soaking a cloth in castor oil then putting on their stomach, placing a hotwater bottle on top and laying there for an hour.

The theory is that the oil somehow 'fixes and heals' - ive done the hot bottle while doing ivf & believe it does help but has anyone tried the caster oil part?

I don't believe it will fix or heal but I'm wondering if it might help?


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Hi poochi. This a very old fashioned idea, that was originally used to reduce inflammation. I couldn't say whether it will help you or not, but I know it won't cause any harm. Maybe speak to your GP about it for his/her comments?? Good luck! Diane


I'm not gonna lie Poochi at this stage I will pretty much try anything! Worth a shot! :D x


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