Devastated- yet more bad news

So 4 years down the line. 4 surgeries, countless bloods, clomid, tamoxifen, trigger shots, scans etc.

They tested my AMH- I'm 29 and have a low egg reserve and early menopause.

What frustrates me most is that I have been having hot flushes for 3-4 years. I have been under 3 different hospitals, spoke to 4 different consultants all of which said nothing to worry about- "your too young" they said. I knew and told everybody -this is not right, my body is telling me somethings wrong.

Anyhow with finding out the results I had to wait 2 weeks for and including chasing the lab, I was hysterical at work and got sent home. Clinic wants me to see a counsellor I'm genuinely laid back so out of the ordinary for me. They want me to try IVF as soon as possible, as they say time is critical now, but minimal chances, and they don't know the quality of my eggs.

Stopped crying as now I feel numb inside....

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  • Hi I'm really sorry that you have just found this out. I do find the doctors frustrating. I myself and due my AMH blood test next month and am also scared because I tend to ovulate on day 9 of my cycle. When I had my last iui my nurse told me to have the test done but then I was told to wait as they do the tests when going through ivf. I have my appointment next month so will know then. I don't really have any signs that scream menopause to me. Although my period lasts around 3 days.i am also 29. I missed a period back in may and was told the same thing again. But then the nurse said it's probably due to me having just had a failed iui treatment. At least they will start your ivf sooner. Best of luck to u x

  • All the best with your tests. I just wish I had them sooner!

    Just to give you a heads up I thought they would come back quick but they took just under 2 weeks.xx

  • I'm so sorry you've had to go through all of this and that no-one listened to your concerns. Have donor eggs been suggested to you? We used them for round 3 of ICSI as we'd had 2 goes with my old eggs (over 40). Sadly it didn't work for us but DE have been successful for other ladies. It might be worth asking about. Counselling is probably a good idea, you've had a lot to get your head round.

  • I'm really sorry to hear this. Some women in your situation have had success using DHEA & melation to increase egg quality. It is also recommended to double your dose of folic acid.

    Start taking them now (after doing your own research) then if you do decide to do IVF you've given yourself the best chance.

    My clinic also advised me to eat avocado & wild salmon. I have avocado everyday & salmon 3/4 times a week - on my last cycle my egg quality was much better & id not being doing it for long.

    I've also been told no caffeine, reduce all sugars and no alcohol/smoking (not that I do).

    Just because you have low AMH & early menopause doesn't mean you cant have a few good eggs. I will keep everything crossed for you. Good luck xx

  • I discussed DHEA with my GP tonight but she didn't recommend it, but thank you I will do some research once I've got my head around the news. All the best with your journey.x

  • How low is your amh? If it's over 2 you do still have a good chance. Different drs seem to give a different prognosis for the same figures! Ours said age was still the best indicator even with low amh. We had to consider donor eggs after a poor first cycle with low amh, and we did get our head round it with a bit of time. But we also had a much better 2nd round and are more hopeful. That is not to take away the anger and grief you are now feeling - I have never cried so much as I have in the last 2 years and we have had some frustrating dealings with the medical profession along the way. Just want you to know when this initial pain eases, there are options and hope. Xx

  • Thank you for all your comments. I ❀️ How supportive everyone here is, it's helped me so much through my journey.

    I still have an egg reserve of 8, so I have that to be thankful of that but I still feel numb. In fact I feel nothing now, all my tears have been shed.

    I think I'm in shock, as test after test have all been bad results and 4 years of it has taken its toll. The clinic have asked me to speak to a counsellor tomorrow. And GP has been really supportive. She is going to re-test LH, FSH and oestrogen in the morning, Just to get a better picture. IVF consultation booked in on 4th October- earliest app.

    Life is a total bitch sometimes... But when life gives us lemons, we just just sail on. How do we stay so strong??

    Thanks again for all your support 😘

  • Hello lovely, best of luck to you, I'm really hopeful for you, I'm similar but know a bit less than you as I'm not as far down the line. (32, AMH of 2.6, ttc 18 months).

    I totally understand your feelings, when I got the AMH news about 6 weeks ago I was ok for a few days as I didn't really understand what it meant and the consultant didn't explain (I'd never heard of AMH!), just confused, and as I did my research and it sank in, I was in total shock, it was like the end of the world, sometimes in bits in work to the extent I just walked out of the front door one day and walked home, and sometimes so sad id cry silently.

    Somehow I've had a total wave of positivity and some strength has come from no idea where! It's been 2 weeks of feeling like that. have read all the stuff like DHEA, and also vitamin D and CoQ10 and doing my best to eat well. Have been seeing a medical herbalist too for 4 weeks which I'd recommend, I feel much better since - more balanced somehow. We will be doing Ivf ASAP.

    I hope some of my positivity can pass on to you and wish you lots of luck xx

  • Thank you so much for your reply. I'm so glad you have come to a positive place. I'm hoping this counsellor will forward me to that mind set tomorrow. I know people have had worse results than me, just feels like a hammer, after constant disappointment. I'm having my FSH LH and estrogen tomorrow re-tested as had them over a year ago, my GP reckons I'll benefit from having them done again. We will give 100% to IVF starting in October, and see how we respond to it. Fingers crossed to you. 😘😘

  • I'm 31 and was diagnosed with low ovarian reserve a few months ago and I was heart broken still am some days others angry and frustrated and other times positive and pro active it is mentally draining even for the most level headed people so I would definitely take advantage of all the councelling and support on offer. I am also reading a very interesting book called 'it starts with the egg' by rebceea frett who had fertility problems, she had studied molecular bio technology and biology and decided to apply her knowledge and do more reserach to help her own chances. she looked at reducing toxins in every day life reviewed vitimins and supplements (she gives examples of best ones to buy and how much to take) and diet and she talks about this in relation to ivf and naturally conceving with case examples, im only half way through the book but i will befintelty be doing some of the suggestions as she points out that even though we cant increase the number of eggs there is a lot of reserch to suggest that we can improve egg quality two to three months before we ovulate as our eggs have to go through a chemical change and his occurs two or three months before ovulation and it is at this stage that we can make a difference. If anything at least I feel like I'm doing something postive and exploring all options so I hope this will also help others xxx

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