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Meeting our surrogate

I hope you’re enjoying a wonderful morning

I couldn’t help sharing this:

next week we're traveling to kiev to meet our surro for the first time! they allowed us to be present at ultrasound. This so overwhelming. I count days till the flight. My dh is more reserved (at least he tries to seem more relaxed as to this but i know he isn't) i'm so impatient to meet the lady who carries our babies. And also the doctor to tell everything's fine. Fingers crossed

we couldn't travel at our 12th week it was a bit disappointing.

i hope this time it'll work for us


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The morning was really wonderful, thank you for warm wishes. Your news are great and inspiring. I can't even imagine how overwhelmed you are.

I just wanted to wish you a safe flight and emotional days in Kiev.

BTW, where are you travelling from?


Hi Lady_in_red. How excited you must be! Just wanted to wish you both a safe journey and that your surrogate is keeping healthy too. Thinking of you. Diane


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