Hi girls! I have my 1 hour individual consultation today! Can anyone tell me what happens? Me and my partner have had all our bloods taken ready to discuss and I know I get a scan, discuss protocol and get the prescription for my meds here here but can yous tell me anything else that might happen? How soon after will I start the meds?


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  • Hey Katie,

    I'm not sure what will happen at this appointment. At my 1 hour consultation they just went into more detail about what to expect from the IVF treatment, when to take time off work, what injections I would be using etc. They also done another seamen analysis for my partner (we're having icsi).

    At this appointment I was told that I'd be shown injections at my next appointment which will be September. We're due to start treatment in October.

    Hope you get on okay 😊 xx

  • Hi babez it all depends what protocal ur doing..some are started day 21 of ur cycle some are started day 2 of ur period,Which ever protocal u do its best to take ur injections the same time everyday tho xxx

  • Hi Katie - Hope the appointment goes well! It depends what protocol you're on and whether you're private or NHS for when you will start treatment. We are NHS and from our last consultation (end of March) it took roughly 6 weeks to start treatment but we'd had an initial consultation back in November too.

    Hope it all goes well for you and you get the green light to start treatment soon! x x x

  • Thank you everyone for leaving your comments xxx my appointment went great, i was given my plan and all my meds, i start my first injection on 11th September! everything has came so quick! scared/exciting feelings! xxxxxxx

  • Hi Katie.

    After my nurse consultation in August, they have decided for me to start the whole procedure around 9th September- it depends on which day I get my period. πŸ˜¬πŸ˜€I received my injections and other medicines in the post last week. Exciting and scary at the same time as this is also my first IVF cycle.

    Good luck to you!! x

  • Exciting 😊 good luck πŸ€ xxx

  • Hi Ella! we are starting at around the same time then! it is so exciting, i hope everything goes so well for you! good luck! xxxxx

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