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Bit confuse when to take the Prostap starting my Ivf

Hello girls,

Please need some one advice starting my 1st IVF cycle treatment my period is due any time tonite or tomorrow , the nurse told me to take the Prostap injection on the first day of the cycle but the same time to inject is between 9-10pm . If my period starts tonite does that mean I take injection tomorrow night ?

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Hi,Its so confusing!I would say yes- I was told if its after 12pm it goes to the following day as your first full flow period (although seems strange the difference in hours) If you came on at 10am (for example) it is classed as first full day period.

If in doubt just ring your clinic for advice when you begin your period they won't mind it is a lot to take in at meetings!

Hope this helps!Good luck :)


Thank you Lucy , the period came early morning today , so i guess I have to take injection in the night ..hope and faith 🙂🙂🙂 Good luck 👍👍👍


HI Min31. Only just read this, but you were right to inject last night. Good luck with the whole of the cycle. Diane


Thank you very much DianeArnold .


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