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When will my period start?


It will be 6 weeks on Friday since I had medical management for a missed miscarriage of twins and 4 weeks on Friday since I stopped bleeding and had my first negative pregnancy test. I have no sign of my period coming. I desperately want it to start as we have been given the go ahead to start out FET cycle from the start of my period. When should I expect it to start, and has anybody else had no premenstrual signs and gone on to have a normal period after miscarriage?

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Mine started 4 weeks after the bleeding stopped. It was like normal but I decided to have a scan at my clinic to check all looked well and I still have a small amount of retained products 2 months on and also a cyst! I was hoping to start my next FET this month but not possible now xx

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Sorry to hear this, it’s so frustrating isn’t it? My last scan was over 4 weeks ago and showed a piece of retained product measuring 0.9cm and I’m pretty sure this has now passed 🤞 have you had any pain related to the cyst or retained product? X

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No pain, I would never have known it was there without the scan. I’m going to wait another month to see if the cyst goes and if not they are going to remove it. I hope it arrives for you soon so you can start your FET xx

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Ah fingers crossed for you that it goes away on its own x

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Thank you x

I'm so sorry to know about all the ordeal you've had to go through. So now you've got to wait for the cyst to be removed or it's small enough to be diminished using medication? If you don't mind me asking... did you had a DnC or just Mifepristone+Misoprostol induced clearance after your miscarriage? The doc told me too that it's best to TTC till next AF sets in as we were to resume normal TTC after my early pregnancy loss as there could be some retention after natural uterine contractions force it all out. I've heard women going on the medicine induced one complaint about the retained tissues which is why they are asked to get a scan few days after the bleeding stops. Never heard DnC had any leftovers so far, it's being more of a surgical type procedure ensures its all cleared out. Hope it all gets sorted for you soon... Good Luck

Thank you. We are going to give it another month to see if it goes on it’s own but if it doesn’t I’ll have a quick op like egg collection to get rid of it. I had the misoprostol route. The Early pregnancy unit actually told me that everything had passed but my fertility clinic say otherwise and I really trust them as they’ve been excellent. I’m sorry to hear about your loss and hope you have better luck with your next try xx

Oh... well I'm not sure who is really right. It's the USG that decides whether there's a need for extra help or natural one if enough. In this case where sometimes the natural expelling isn't enough which is when the Misoprostol is given to make sure the uterine contraction happens again. It's good through that you've already made plans for your next move. Wish you all the luck then. <3

It can take 4-6 weeks from when the bleeding stops. Mine was around 4-5 weeks. I hope it comes for you sooner rather than later xx

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Thank you, I hope so too x

I'm so sorry to hear about your terrible loss. :( Hugs for you. I hope you feel better now and it's even commendable than you're already looking forward to the next cycle to start TTC over again. :) Like everyone else said 4-6 weeks is the usual time. But then it might take another 2 weeks sometime to get the AF as DnC sometime upset the hormonal balance far too much. I didn't require DnC, 6 weeks isn't really one that needs it usually but in my case, it was prompt on 28th day from when the bleeding stopped. The bleeding got extended to 10 whole days though instead of the usual 4-5 days. If it doesn't show up by 8 weeks you need to get a scan too. Hope it doesn't get to that though and your AF shows up ASAP.

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Thank you for your reply, I’m sorry you have also experienced loss. I didn’t have a d&c I had the misoprostyl internally then 3 doses orally over one day, I had some retained product after this as it wasn’t entirely successful, I still had a lot of pain and bled for 2 weeks, until the final bit of product passed but that stopped 4 weeks ago on Friday so 🤞🏼🤞🏼 X

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Ohh I kind of expected it was medicated... cause DnC never leaves retained tissue most of the time. The leftover takes a while to pass out it's just induced uterine contraction you see soo 10 days 2 weeks is like not abnormal. 4 weeks ago so you've got to wait for another couple of weeks and the scan ofcourse to be completely relieved of your scares. I hope you make it out of this stuck-on soon.

Think it took about 5-6 was for my period to arrive. My advice though would maybe wait another cycle anyway as I had retained product that took 2 periods to pass and was only picked up on a scan. I wanted to give you my advice because if this has happened to you it would ruin any chance of another cycle working, so def request a scan after your period arrives to check everything has passed and all ok. As much as your mind and heart really wants to go again (and believe me I’ve been there several times) you body has been through a lot and will need a bit of time to get working at full speed again. Sending lots of luck xx

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Thank you, our consultant said he would like us to wait until after a second period but also said he has no evidence for waiting as long as my period is normal so is happy to go ahead. I just need to learn to have sone patience and wait and see! We will be doing a long down regulated FET. An extra scan does sound like a good idea though to check xx

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Yes def request one 👍🏻 it’s so hard not to be inpatient. That is the one thing this whole journey has taught me, patience! And I was terrible before! Xx

I had natural mc and both times I got my period 28 days from the start so stopped bleeding after 11 days ovulated 3days later 2weeks later period. But everyone’s different sometimes it takes longer.

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