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POSITIVE OPK 11th Day Update

POSITIVE OPK 11th Day Update

Thank you for your replies. I have heard that Clomid can interfere with your LH levels but i`ve never had so many positives as this cycle and i`m a Clomid veteran 11cycles. I`m now CD38 13/14DPO-and still getting positives. Has anyone used the OPK`s from Access Diagnostics, particularly the Alltest brand which are supposed to be used in hospitals. I`ve attached my pic`s , been like this since CD24.

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Hi Webchick - I'm really sorry I don't have an answer for you but do you mind if I ask you about the OPKs? I've been doing them every other day to see when I am ovulating, I would just like to know that I'm getting back on track. Do you do the tests at the same times every day? And is it every day? I've read that you can't drink too much before them and it shouldn't be first thing in the morning. I tend to do them in the evening when I get home from work but I've only been getting faint lines on there. My HPTs stopped showing a positive last week. The OPKs are so confusing, I don't know how you do it! x x x


Hi MomaBear16.

Thanks for your reply. I tend to test first thing in the morning then again last thing at night and that seems to work for me ,as you can see i`ve tested at all times of the day since i`ve been getting constant peaks just out of curoisity They do recommend that OPK tests are best taken at around 2pm as your LH level should have metabolised to it`s highest level by then. Drinking too much liquid will dilute the concentration or urine so it`s best to limit your drinks for at least a couple of hours before you test. I`d recomend the Clearblue dual hormone Digital , this has never been wrong yet at predicting my real LH surge and this has been confirmed with blood tests. They are expensive though £14 for 10 test sticks from an ebay seller once you had the test holder. I use the digital just to confirm what the internet cheapies are saying. Hope this helps. Take care xx

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Webchick what is the dual hormone indicator saying now? Still solid? Because I once used an entire pack getting flashing smileys as I missed my peak. / never peaked.

Clearblue help line said I will continue to get smileys until I left it 3 days and it would reset the test and start again. I tested this theory as I have two tests and dipped the same urine. One was flashing away as usual the other a stark negative. So that cycle was 20 quid down the pan. I agree though they do work. After 5+ years ttc I even learned how to properly read the cassette inside even though it tells you not to.

For some reason Internet cheapies not once gave me a positve. So for reliability I would go for the Clearblue.

If your an old hat like me and get to know your body well, I think you can get away with using 4 at most In a cycle. In the early days i did what it said on The pack and tested from day 7 to 10 onward. Then after a couple of hundred pounds worth of tests (real figures!) I started about cd16 onward and would usually Get a peak day 18.

i had a half dozen old crusty (sealed) casetts hanging about, And used them until my scan at a hpt substitute as They work way too, as you get a solid smiley 😊 And I didn't get told off by DH as he was getting narked at the money I was blowing on hpt way into the pregnancy... 😳

Hope it sorts itself out with and and hope you get your bfp soon Hun xxx


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