Positive on Official Test day and scan booked! :D

Official test day and I used two HPT and both were positive!!! Scan booked for the 14th, I don't think I'll relax til I hear that little heartbeat but for now I'm so relieved we've got this far after the spectacular fail before it even began last time.

Plus I was advised I can start having my bubble baths again instead of showers *__*

Fingers crossed little bean stays in place! Congrats to Sunny, Boo, Kat and Lyndsey on their positives too and any other ladies I missed :) Everything crossed for all of us! Xxxx

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  • Fantastic news! Well done you xxx

  • Thank you Daisy :)

  • Congratulations Kitty!! So many BFPs! Love it!!! Glad you've got your scan booked, not really that long to wait! Take care of yourself and enjoy your bubble bath (I'm still too scared to have one but I'm scared of everything at the minute! haha! x x x

  • Thank you!!! I asked the clinic and they said it was ok but not a really hot one so I'm going to put plenty of cold in :) be nice on my sore bum, injections have made it all bruised - so worth it though if things carry on the way they are. Pinkies crossed! Xx

  • Haha you've earned a bath after all those jabs! Such lovely news!!! :) x x x

  • Yeyyy fantastic news!!! Love this!! 😊😊 congratulations!! Xxx

  • Thanks Kat! It's been a good week for some of us, here's to the next 9 months going just as well!!

  • Make that 8 months! πŸ˜‰ xx

  • Haha I can't even add up properly that's a good sign ;) lol x

  • Aw congrats! Amazing news xxx

  • Thank you :) still in shock lol

  • Great news.

  • Thank you x

  • Congrats. My scan is on the 18th July as well. I just went to buy more tests. I'm still in shock. Best wishes and baby dust to everyone. Xx

  • Thank you ! And oo exciting! I know I as so shocked too

    I did two to be sure xD I only just started spotting last night have you had any? X

  • I haven't started spotting. I still don't feel anything apart from stomach cramps. My positive tests are really faded so I am worried. Do you think I can confirm with a blood test instead??

  • Yeah just let your clinic know you want one. I think you may have to pay but if you can afford it it might put your mind at ease? Xx

  • I did a digital clear blue test this morning. I am definitely pregnant. I think I feel better. Will feel even better after my scan. xx

  • Ditto I did a digital and a line one and to be fair one of the lines on my plus sign was little lighter but it says on the box that's normal. I know how you feel, to celebrate we had a nice lunch but I ate too much and got a bit of a tummy ache and was up all night worrying even though I KNEW it was just food not baby problems. It's been such a tough road just to get to here I think it's normal for us to worry like mad xD here if you need a chat but glad you're feeling better xx

  • Thank you for the support so far. I went to a friend's party yesterday and felt that if I danced too much it will affect me. Lol. Sounds funny when I think about it now. I have started feeling more tired easily though. I just feel like I have to be extra careful until the scan. Likewise I am here if you want to chat since we are cycle buddies. Xx

  • I've been really tired too. Not sure if it's because of the little magic beans or the stress. I did some laundry earlier and got a few twinges and was immediately like...what have I done? Its mad. Almost as bad as the 2ww. I don't think any of us feel at ease until we hear that heartbeat. Hope the next few weeks go smoothly for you xx

  • Fab news, congratulations xx

  • Ahhh lovely news!!! Massive congratulations!!!! πŸ˜€ I know what u mean about the scan bit... I still don't feel like I am 😬 Until I see it.... Xxx

  • I know right? My husband says I'm being negative but I think a part of me is still too scared to believe it til I see the scan and the little heartbeat xxx

  • Ah congratulations! Lovely news, take care xxx

  • Thank you :)

  • It still doesn't feel real xx

  • Aww didn't even see this a massive congratulations hun so happy for you πŸ’– xxxxxx

  • That's fantastic news KittyK πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Big congratulations!! Hope the time flies til your scan so you can see it all become real xx

  • Thanks Cheshire :) I've never been a very patient woman so the wait is taking forever. Surrounded by babies and pregnant women at work so Just anxious to have that little heartbeat and know its all ok xx

  • I know it's so hard isn't it. Just think everyday you wake up you're a day closer to scan date xx

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