Oh no... I messed up 😩

Oh no... I messed up 😩

I've had doubts that I ovulated last week & did a search based on the supplements I'm taking turns out DHEA is great but can effect natural ovulation :( I've been doing opks since stopping taking it on Friday & everyday I've had a strong but not positive result... today I'm confident I've got a positive, although no ewcm which is confusing... should have done my research as what I was taking was in preparation to next ICSI which we are no longer doing.... now to decide if to risk trying next month or sit it out to make sure my body is working again hmmmm

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  • Ahhhh Poochi what a disappointment! I didnt know that DHEA could mess with the cycle, I havent bothered testing for ovulation since Ive started it to be honest so cant comment. Did it mess with your actual cycle or do you think its just messing with ovulation?

  • Hi Cinderella online it says it can delay ovulation & it looks like that is exactly what it's done. I've now noticed ewcm & ive noticed other things which I'd normally associate with ovulation. Such an expensive mistake to make but at least now I don't have the 'did it work' qn hanging around :) hopefully next month I'll be back to normal

  • That isnt great but as you say at least you'll not be wondering why is didnt work this time! x

  • Aw Poochi after all you went through to get your swimmers too! I didn't know that about DHEA either... they really should put these things in big letters on the packet! I'm just trying to get my head around the OPKs... it confuses me and there are so many rules of when to do them etc

    Is there no way it still could have worked? Don't OPKs pick up HCG? Just trying to stay positive for you until you find out for definite. It sounds like you're a bit more positive about next time though :) Here's hoping it goes to plan for you x x x

  • Thanks for the positive vibes :) yes an opk can detect pregnancy but not until hcg levels are really high. I obsessively have done an hcg test & it was bfn but hopefully next time I'll get my timings right! X

  • Yes, this happened to me! Well I think it actually stopped my ovulation as my cycles have changed and I have struggled to get a peak during my cycle since taking it, could of course be something else but I feel like I have messed with something I shouldn't have messed with! I have not got pregnant since taking it (I got pregnant 5 times before taking it but sadly all losses) - I was just trying to increase my egg quality after reading all the positive things but I feel like I have gone backwards instead........! Good luck to you in whatever you decide to do

  • Oh no esmes :( i took it to increase egg quality as well after a miscarriage in case of poor egg quality as well. Fingers crossed you start to ovulate normally again soon! X

  • So frustrating for you! We have to become mad experts on everything it seems...The responsibility of every decision feels huge. Each time is a new learning opportunity though and you will most definitely get there eventually I'm sure! Xxxxxxxx

  • Thanks Datak :) I know way more than I ever wanted to but hopefully we'll all get there & help everyone else to as well xxxx

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