AMH tests.... At nearly 40, what to expect level wise. Anyone share?

I haven't had one of these tests before, even though we did IVF 4 years ago (we got 17 eggs and 16 fertilised, and all went to blasto stage) Based on this, I figure it was probably an 'OK' level back then, but worry it's going to be really low now due to age and several operations on my ovaries since then to remove endometriosis.

Any experiences welcome!

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  • Hi Flower! I am 38 and was told today that my AMH level was 16 6 months ago and that that is satisfactory in terms of fertility, but I also know that different clinics/organisations use different scales, so looking it up or comparing to others is probably a bit pointless - you will probably need to ask your clinic whether it is good or not. However, we only got 5 eggs with 4 fertilised to blastocyst, and we were told that was good, so I would say you're very fertile! Good luck! Xx

  • Thanks for sharing your AMH levels. I will be discussing result with the clinic next month. I don't want to get that many eggs again as I was suffered with so much pain and mild ohss, but obviously want to get a few blastos again if we can. Hope we are lucky enough!

    How did your treatment pan out? I do hope it was a success/ is going to be x

  • I have just turned 37 and my amh was 4.3 a year ago so dread to think what it is now X

  • Thanks for sharing. I know of people conceiving with much lower, so I hope things are not as bad as you fear. Good luck x

  • I'm 40 and my AMH is 15 which is normal for age. A year ago it was 24. I only got 8 eggs, 4 fertilised and one made it to blastocyst so you did really well. x

  • Hi. Gosh it can drop quite a bit then in a short time? But that's still a good result is its normal for your age.

    We were so happy when we were told we had above a 90% fertilisation rate! And could not believe they all went to blasto. We were able to use one and freeze 9! But sadly first attempt resulted in a bfn and the 3 frozen cycles we did resulted in chemicals!!!

    So nervous about going through it all again, especially as we have to privately fund this time ourselves.

  • Hi Flowerpotts - I'm 31, my AMH is 6. On our first cycle we got 8 eggs which I was really pleased with but it sounds like you didn't have too much of an issue with your AMH 4 years ago and hopefully there won't be much of an issue for you now. Lots of luck for your results x x x

  • Thanks.... Well you did good getting eight from a lower AMH! Guess it proves you can't tell how well you will respond, despite AMH results. I do hope my reserves have not plummeted! I'm thinking we won't get as many eggs anyway, as my ovaries have probably been quite damaged by the surgeries.

    Fingers crossed we at least get a few! X

  • Definitely fingers crossed and lots of positivity for you! 8 was a really good result, I was concerned we wouldn't get any. Like the ladies always say; you only need one! x x x

  • Hi mine was 2.7pmol which is rubbish lol......I have however managed to conceive naturally 5 times but all sadly resulted in losses- (low AMH has been given as a probable reason). I have taken DHEA and COq10 to try and improve egg quality and I know my FSH level came down which was good but I have not had my AMH re-tested since. I was tested aged 40 and am 41 now and still TTC. Good luck and hope you get a good result!

  • Hi, I'm so sorry for your losses. But it is good that you are ovulating and hopefully your next conception will be your take home baby. I've had 4 chemicals, so i potentially understand a little of your heartache. Good luck xx

  • Wow you had a great response 4 years ago fingers crossed for you. Mine was 7.19 and Im 38. I had 7 follicles, they got 6 eggs (one of which was dead) and 3 fertilised. Sadly my eggs didnt develop well so nothing to transfer. However the jury is out as to the reason why so have to try again with drug adjustments. Good luck!x

  • Hey. Thank you for replying. I'm so sorry for how your IVF panned out, can imagine it must have been heartbreaking to go through all that and no embryos survived. Wishing you oodles of good luck for your next cycle!

    My cycle, due to the amount of eggs, did result in mild ohss and an overnight stay in hospital due to my right ovary swelling like a balloon and me being sick and in a lot of pain. I want to avoid this, but do hope we get some embryos to be able to transfer of course, so willing to try again x

  • Thanks you! I did feel a bit robbed if I'm honest but onwards & upwards! Just waiting to start again. I got the impression at my review appointment that they may have over medicated me though weren't willing to admit that outright. I wish you all the best for your try my lovely, all the best!! Hope your cycle isn't so painful for you next time!!xx

  • Aw, thanks so much ladies for sharing. Good to read about others of a similar age and how it did/or didn't seem to affect IVF/natural conceptions!

    Test was done today so we shall see in a few weeks what the result is.

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