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Bleeding 6wks after myomectomy

Hoping someone can help me. I have an open myomectomy almost 7 weeks ago and started doing long walks in the last 2 weeks and went back to the gym twice this week. I wondered if I was doing a bit much going to the gym but at the time, it felt so good being active again. Unfortunately today I woke up with crippling back pain and moderate bleeding for the first time in 4 weeks since the op. I am hoping it's just my body saying slow down but I'm scared I've done something more serious? Xx

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Hi AnnaB1979. I think your body is telling you just that! You've had big surgery having a myomectomy, and you won't be fully back to A1 again for up to 12 weeks post op. Slow down a bit, then gradually build yourself up again. Have a word with them at the gym and see if they can recommend some gentle exercise for a few weeks. Hope you are soon OK again. Diane


Thanks Diane, I think you're right. Appreciate your reply. Hope you're ok. Xx


Hi AnnaB1979. I'm fine thanks, just you look after you and you will be OK. Diane


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