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Should I start worry 😔

Lovely ladies please I really need your help on that. I start my second cycle on 24th July day 21 . I'm on nasal spray Synarel two sniff in a morning two sniff in a evening. Before I start my cycle I done pregnancy test because we did have with hubby unprotected sex . Test come out negative.. Now..my period is always on time every 28 days and this time is late 3days . I got swings of emotion,my breast feels like 10kg each ☺️ I pee more often and last night I even wake up to go to pee which I never do so. I did pregnancy test 2days ago and come out negative... I'm blaming a spray for those "changes "..but I'm really worry because with my first cycle I didn't experience nothing like it but was diferent spray then that one . Please please should I worry 😔😔 is any of u ladies had similar sytuation?xx

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Hi, I wouldn't worry about it. My period has always been a bit later than normal when I was sniffing and the rest you are feeling are probably all side effects of the spray. I have had 3 cycles and to be honest every one of them was different (although all unsuccessful). I know it's easier said than done but try not to read anything into what you are feeling . The drugs have different side effects and your body isn't a machine either and will react differently sometimes. Try to relax as much as you can and do nice things that make you feel good. Good luck! Xx


Thank u miri-p . When my hubby ask if I got period I told him last night not yet 😔 First thing he said was that I need to call the clinic and tell them . He is worried and panicking bit ..bless him . On both my cycles they give me a letter written instructions with dates . My doc appoin is now on 16th . I should start the gonal f on 18th for 9days and on 29th EC . Do u think that the planned dates with move according to my late period 😔😔xx


Hi, I can't remember what happened during my fresh cycle, I'm sorry. This might change things a little bit but try not to worry. At the end of the day a few days later doesn't really change anything at all. If you feel your partner needs the reassurance, call the clinic but I think they will just say you have to wait;). Good luck xx

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Thank u Hun ☺️ I read your Journey Hun and I'm so sorry for your unsuccessful cycles u had 😔 U wrote that u don't have anymore cycle on NHS 😔 This all IVF is like a lottery for all of us here😔 When doesn't happen we thinking why and is there anything we could done differently. I only had one unsuccessful cycle over year ago and I struggle to go back to normal . We didn't know what to do either but we give us self time to think . We change the clinic and everything look more positive then before . Xx


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