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Hi all, a question for you.... We are due to do our third collection mid August and are hoping to add to our stash of 3 grade 1 Frosties before attempting our first transfer. (I'm now 43 so clinic recommended 3 x collection over 6 months before transfer as aging eggs most likely our biggest issue that we know of so far).

In the midst of all this I got made redundant (back in April) and while I was distraught at the time, it actually made scans and blood test appointments much easier to get to! I now have a shiny new better job, however. I have already figured out a plan on how to get to appointments I think for third cycle (basically lying and making up external meetings) - but I am also going to need to do some long haul travel in the next few months and am trying to figure out how to manage that.

Does anyone know if flying when in v early stages of pregnancy is considered risky?

Wishing you all the best of luck and healing to all those who have lost little ones recently xx

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  • I was advised only to fly if necessary but that short haul was no issue. But I think your own circumstances are relevant. Best to get advice from your ivf consultant who knows your background the best. For long haul you will probably be recommended to take heparin injections, wear compression stockings etc.

  • Thanks DC, I'll check with my clinic x

  • I flew to Majorca the weekend after getting my BFP - I just took an aspirin and flight socks. (Advised by the nurses at fertility clinic) It was fine and am now 10weeks preg. I have heard that some women fly to the USA for a IVF treatment and then fly straight home. Take advice from your GP/medical staff but it should be ok. Good luck and baby dust to you πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ xx

  • Thanks Boo, good to know and congratulations! X

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