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Good and annoying news!

Hi all,

So in process of testing for referral to ccg for funding. Have a scan next week but also was phoned today to say as I need to re do my chlamydia test as was 'over filled'?! And also hubbie to redo blood test as they tested for wrong hepatitis which is a pain! But whilst on to the hospital I asked could they tell me my FSH level after I did that test. Our ccg requires below 9. Was 6.8 so very happy about that! Am hoping all tests are done and dusted by end next week and then fingers crossed we get accepted for funding! Such a long road x

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I know your pain! We signed our paperwork 2 months ago and are just waiting for all the blood results to come back through. Must chase again tomorrow!

Good news about your FSH levels x

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Made my day I was so worried. It's annoying as I think the blood test was done wrong by them! But have to play by their rules! Where you based? I'm Essex. Hope you get sorted



We are based in Milton Keynes.

So keen to get started, feels like an eternity but hoping that we will start moving forward again soon x


It's such a long and tiring road isn't it? Have to remain positive! I find it hard though when friends are popping out babies easily. Hope you guys will be on the road soon xx


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