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4th ivf attempt after mc

Hi ladies

So we will be going for our 4th Ivf attempt in the next couple of months. The next one will be a natural FET.

The last attempt sadly ended in miscarriage at 7 weeks. I was heartbroken and still feeling the loss now and then.

I've since spoken to the clinic who have advised me that no further examinations will take place and they were happy to go straight in with a natural FET. I asked if it was possible to now transfer 2 but due to multiple implantation failure but they are very reluctant to do so. Due to my age and the quality of the embryos. But there's only so much more of this I can take!

Moving on, would I be ok to ask the clinic for a scan before transfer? I want to make sure my womb is completely clear of everything since mc.

Thank you xxx

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To be honest, most clinics don't like to promote more than one being transferred, but I think if you put your case/reasons to them, then they will probably just get you to sign a form?

If it's what you want then try to get it x


So sorry to hear of your loss Niag, it is truly devastating when this happens, I continue to be affected six years after my first mc, but you learn to adapt and move on. I would keep asking them for what you want as part of your treatment, remember this is your treatment plan, you must have a say to an extent! Keep your chin up and I will be thinking of you, best wishes for your treatment xx


Thank u so much for your reply and for your kind words. I'm so sorry for your loss too. Its such a deep pain that I think will never go away. Xxxx


Hi Niag. So sorry that you had to suffer a miscarriage - not something you get over in a hurry. However, the pain f this will ease in time, although the memory will remain, but you will learn to cope. i do wish you well with whatever is decided with your FET. I think I would go with whatever your embryologist advises re how many embryos to transfer, as he/she knows them best. I wouldn't worry too much about having a scan beforehand, because if there was anything left after the miscarriage, I think you would still be bleeding. Good luck with it all. Diane


Thank u so much Diane. Thanks for reassuring me that I don't need a scan! I'm just thinking and blaming all sorts at the moment. I'm learning to cope each day, it's even more difficult when my manager in work is pregnant, about 6 weeks ahead of what I would of been.

Hope everything is ok for u Hun xx


Hi Niag. Oh dear! It's never easy when we see babies and pregnant women around, but we can't do anything about that. Just hold your head up and try and remain positive. I'm sure your clinic will look after you perfectly. Thinking of you and good luck! Diane


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