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Hcg levels - worried and confused

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Hi, this is my first post and not sure if this allowed or not? But here goes, so as many of us I have had a long and unsuccessful journey, 8 ivf cycles, which includes 3 fresh and the rest fet. Just embarked on what is possibly our last try, disaster from the start, 11 eggs, 6 fertilised only 1 made it to day 5, resulted in a positive test on Monday but hcg levels very low only 53.36. Clinic were ok with this and didn’t really want to retest, but I wanted to as with my previous pregnancy which sadly ended at 20+3 my hcg level was circa 200, so comparing is making me anxious. I retested today and whilst the level is rising, it is not where it should be, today 48 hours later it’s only risen to 75.

I have to now wait until the early viability scan on the 9th October, but this is ages away . I a man getting conflicting info depending on which nurse I speak with, first one told me it’s lower than ‘normal’ they’d would expect a reading of 60 or abaove, nurse today said 53.36 is a great result and very positive, the. Other nurse who took blood called with results today and said I’m still pregnant and it’s positive it hasn’t risen but it’s not what they would expect to see......

Anyone else had issues with low hcg levels and slow to rise?

Thank you reading, listening and hopefully replying!

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Personally I would get another test 48 hours after again, but I am a control freak, I have to know what is happening. My hcg was only about 60% up over 48 hours after a low ish start, and it ended up chemical, and I’m just so glad I knew rather than making it to the early scan and being none the wiser whilst on all the progesterone.

You hear all the time of cases where it is successful after a slow start though, so I really hope for you that you are another success story!

Lots of luck to you xxx

Sweetie I don’t have experience of this but Lots of people have slow starters and all is good when other people have everything showing perfect and it fails! I would retest in 48 hours. Good luck. Xxx

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Hi Butterfly18. So sorry to hear of all your confusion. I would definitely get another Beta hCG blood test 48 hours after this last one to see if it is in fact rising as it should. Hopefully, if is, then you should be able to relax a little until your scan in October. Thinking of you. Diane

Thank you for all your replies. My clinic isn’t keen on doing another test, so I might find somewhere I can pay privately.

Does anyone have or know of anyone’s that had slow rising hcg levels and went on to have a health love birth and baby?

One thing you may get with going to another clinic is slightly differing results. So if you do then you may need to do more than one for comparison of their two different tests.

Good luck xxx

Ive never hate bloods so no advice but just wanted to wish you best. You SO deserve a it xx

You can get test done at your GP for free.

Wishing you all the best of luck.


Ok, so another big day- going for third and final beta test and keeping everything crossed that levels are rising as they should be. My breasts started to get tender back end of last week and this morning that feeling has subsided so I am praying this is not a bad sign. Keeping everything crossed. Thank you for your replies and support.

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Good luck. Remember your hormones go up and down so your boobs will be sore one part of the day or one day then not so sore for a bit. Everything crossed for you xx

YES, I am so so relieved to report that today on day 21 my results have increased and gah level are 1228.66; honestly I have just sobbed at this news, poor girl that gave it to me. I honestly thought it was game over, having had symptoms and then today nothing......so what a relief to get the call with this news. Over this early hurdle, now keeping everything crossed for the scan.

Seriously, thank you to everyone who has take the time to reply, offer advice, reassurance and a virtual hug.....means the world to me. Thank you. Xxx

This is brilliant news, so pleased for you sounds like we've had a similar journey in previous cycles. I don't have much experience of the blood tests so no advice to give there, but enjoy the time now and try to take comfort and enjoy this time (easier said than done!) xx

Hi congrats on high hcg levels. I'm experiencing a similar problem, would you mind updating your experience here? Your pregnancy has been pleasant till now? How is the baby growing?

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