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I'm really confused because I was diagnosed with stage III of endometriosis 6 weeks ago, the chromotubation was negative for both fallopian tubes so the doctor recommend IVF. Today I had an hysterosalpingography and my uterus looks fine and both tubes are perfectly permeable, so what now? My AMH is a little bit low for my age but I'm ovulating... Has anyone had any similar experiences?

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Hi..Chemby,where the same. I'm 31 years old. I have stage 4 endometriosis I had 3 operations. My consultant sent me to have ivf because I can't get pregnant naturally my 1 tube was removed the other one was very thin.waiting for 1 year now for this procedure. Lots of blood test etc. I had egg collection last 8th July 24 eggs collected 10 matured. Today I had egg transfer. I am very excited for this😉 for sure you will get pregnant soon. 😉



Endometriosis sucks and infertility is a long and hard journey...I wish you the best of luck, Thanks for your reply!

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Hi Chemby. Endometriosis is the most confusing of all fertility issues! You can be "full of it" then 3 months later we can't see it! It changes colour too! We don't even fully realise what causes it. I think that when you go back for a further consultation you need to ensure that the tubes are both patent before proceeding with \IVF - if that is the course chosen, or whether any treatment is needed on them beforehand. Hopefully, all will be straight forward for you. good luck! Diane


I'm agree! Endometriosis is unpredictable. Thanks for your reply!


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