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The journey begins...maybe?!

Hi all,

New to this!

So in Feb we found out hubbie had 0% morphology. Obv extremely gutting. Everything else fine just morphology. Saw consultant in March and he sent us away with instructions for 3 months. Hubbie to:

* take proxeed for 3 months

* stop using protein shakes

* use bottled water

And he also gave up alcohol

Went back for follow up appointment yesterday. Morphology has improved from 0-1% which is obviously a positive but still not the 4% as issued by WHO. So he has told us to continue to do what had been doing but that we would also do tests towards referral for IVF. Have started that.

My big issue was that he told us that for us to be considered, as well as usual tests, that my FSH has to be below 9. At the blood test I did end last year when we started to enquire about why weren't getting pregnant it was 8.9 !

He has told us if above 9 that would not get funding even if everything else ticks the box! He said he had a woman who got 9 and she was refused so he has appealed!

So is there a way FSH can be kept lower? Doc says not but was just wondering?

Obv would love a natural miracle to happen but would also like to have the chance in other way.

Also have to keep my BMI down. Excercise I know!

And then I worry about the whole process as I'm a teacher and stressed/busy most of the time.

How do you all cope?

Sorry for long message. Thank you if you read this and hope you are all doing ok x

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Hi allieb21,

I'm not 100% sure why FSH level is to be below 9 but I did enquire about if it's possible to change this level and I was all told its not possible to alter it. Diane the community nurse here is really nice and very helpful, I'm sure she could explain it all to you 😊

Wishing you lots of luck with your journey! 🍀xxx



Thank you.

It has to be below 9 as that's one of the criteria set by the CCG who hold the purse strings. Lower the FSH the more you ovulate I think it is?

It's crazy that we are at mercy of all this criteria through no fault of anyone's!


Hi allieb21. That seems a bit harsh not to treat you with an FSH above 9!! The normal levels are between 2 and 10. I would ask if you could have an antral follicle count too. If that is OK (around 15 in total) ,then you should be good to stimulate. Your GP could arrange for you to check your AMH too (anti-mullerian hormone). This can be done at any time during your cycle and ideally should be around 15 or above. There may be a charge for this, but if your result is good, then you can go "armed" with your result. Well done with improving the morphology, we can use the current result, so ask if the good ones can be stored frozen for use - just in case it should tail off again. Regarding FSH level, no there is no magic reducing treatment, but it can fluctuate, so it may reduce a bit temporarily, naturally, in order for you to get treated. Good luck! Diane



Yea nothing he can do as its my local CCG who have set it as below 9. It's really rubbish as if that's the thing that stops us it's horrible!!!!

I'm not seeing consultant again. Just doing all tests and if they are ok, in a sense for fertility referral, then will be sent a letter. Obv praying FSH level is below 9 and all else is ok. Or that a miracle happens!!!

If not well will have to cross that road when I get to it I suppose x


Hi allieB21. I hope you're not turned down , but if you are , you will have to appeal which I can tell you how to go about it. Thinking of you. Diane


Hi Diane,

Thank you! Will keep in touch. Be month or 2 till we at least know if we are being forwarded for referral for Ivf.

Will keep hoping for a miracle too xx


Hi allieb21. Of course you are. Do let me know how you get on if you can. Diane


I got refused for fsh of 10.5 and had to privately fund which hasn't been easy. I do know it does fluctuate, and if it is a little above, you might be able to test again in another month or 2? I've read of some people getting funding this way, though obviously causes more delays! Xx


That is so rubbish! I think it's so unfair :(

Hope things are working out now?

Yes all I can do is do the test and pray it below 9!!! X


No bfp yet but our second icsi produced a couple of extra blastocysts which are waiting in the freezer for us :). This process can be very unfair. Fsh guidelines aren't evidence based and just an excuse for ccg's to save money xx


My fingers are crossed for you xxx

It really is unfair. No one asks to be in this situation!

I agree, I know that the under 9 FSH is definitely a money saving thing which is awful xx


Stupid figures!!!

Have you thought about fertility reflexology or acupuncture....might just help to rebalance your body?

My acupuncturist gets annoyed with the figure setting as years ago they didn't have all these tests!!


Hi! I know it's so unfair and it's different around the country!

Have never had it is it good?


I think so...I've had both pre and during treatment. It's mainly time for you to chill but can help the body....anything is worth a try


I agree. Thank you for the advice x



Morphology is that abnormal sperm? My bf has the same and our GP has referred us to Southend fertility dept for further tests.

Feel so uncertain at the minute and tend to fixate on it.

Have you managed to get any further with your situation since your last post?



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