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The journey begins and I’m scared

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So I went to my nurses appointment with the hubby a couple of weeks ago and was so shocked how fast this all happens she gave us a HUGE bag of medication sharpe boxs leaflets needles and loads of information I felt so overwhelmed by it all, I’m so excited to start now tho just waiting for AF to make an appreance as I’m on the short protocol - must admit I’m scared though not about the needles to much but it was all ok when it was hope and a dream and now I’m scared if it doesn’t work your faces with the reality that’s it! Don’t mean to sound negative as I know I have not technically started yet but can’t help feeling that way - is that stupid ? Have so many emotions going through me right now just not sure how to feel. The only people that know we are doing this is obviously my husband lol and my mum ☹️ Feels lonely sometimes when u just want reassurance Xx

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I felt very lonely even with loads of support to begin with but the folks on here are fantastic with advice of their own experiences and it really helps to speak with them! I felt very overwhelmed and lost after being handed my injections but it quickly becomes routine!! That and a lot of reassurance from kind folks on here kept me going 😀 xx

Thank you x x

Your welcome! I just wish I could give half as good advice as some of the ladies on here! Just remember and take time to be kind to yourself, hugs xx

I remember that feeling well! Taking home the cooler bag full of meds. I was so excited and nervous. Thinking back it almost didnt occur to me that it might not work, i was just so focussed and into the whole thing. We didnt tell many people either. That was 3 years ago and I've just dropped my 2 year old baby off to nursery. First round success story here, it can happen. I'm about to start all over again with my frosties from that same round. Good luck to you! My advice, do whatever you need to do to relax. Xxx

That’s encouraging I really hope I am as lucky as you xx

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Hi Babydust220589. This a massive undertaking, so no wonder you have anxieties. Probably best just to let your DH and Mum know how you are feeling for now. You will gain loads of support from the girls here, who will all be behind you as you go along. Good luck and I shall be thinking of you. Diane

Thank you xx

The negativity you’re feeling is just self preservation. You will get plenty of support here. We all have been where you are or there are others just starting out too. Good luck on your round xx

Thanks Hun xx

not to pry, but you say only your mum and husband know you're going through this? I found that telling others in my life has helped so much, it means that some days I can talk about it when I really need to, and other days I can laugh and cry about the madness that my life feels like right now. Sorry don't want to pry, but it helps telling more than just your husband, if you can of course. Good luck with your journey x

It’s okay, the people that I have around me are very judgemental and they just wouldn’t understand and I wouldn’t want people to be mean. I’m probably just being silly but I’m so out of my comfort zone at the minute as I’m sure everyone that goes through this is too - thanks tho xx

It's understandable to feel overwhelmed. I think there's always the hope it won't get to this stage and when it does it hits you like a tonne of bricks.

As it happens, we had our consultation today and can start treatment when I next get my period (next week!). We've decided to wait until at least January so we have time to get our heads around it.

If you can't talk to anyone else about IVF there ia always someone here to offload to.

Good luck with it all. I really hope it works. Xx

Good luck with it all. Like jhb_c I’ve also been pretty open about our treatment and have found it really helpful. And I was amazed at the taboo world of infertility and problems I never knew until I spoke up. Every single person I have spoken too except 1 has shared their own troubles whether it was miscarriage, molar pregnancies, ivf etc. However at the end of the day no one quite understands what ivfs like unless they’ve been through it so sure you’ll find this forum really reassuring!! Good luck with it all! X

It’s not stupid. I was scared about it not working either and tomorrow is my embryo transfer. I started the process back in October. Xxx

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