Rollercoaster of a day

Well out of the 18 eggs collected on Tuesday, which went down to 5 fertilised on Wednesday ended up at only 2 today. Embryologist called me this morning to say as they were not high quality she would advise putting both back in today. I was a bit upset, I think I had high expectations after having so many collected.

As I got changed and ready at the hospital had some good news that one of the eggs had perked up and she now graded it as good. ET went well, just a bit uncomfortable. So now begins the waiting game.

Feeling more positive now and every bone in my body is willing these little embryos to make themselves at home. X

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  • Good luck!!!! X

  • Thank you x

  • Hey Lillie, I know how shocking it is to go from lots of eggs to not many embryos - we went from 9 eggs to 2 embryos to just the one. It was such a shock and was so upsetting (we only get the one NHS funded cycle so were really hoping to have some to freeze, but it wasn't to be). We had our ET last Thursday. I found it a little bit uncomfortable too, and emotional, and strange to have reached that point after all of the injections and scans (and the years it took to get to IVF). I can confirm that it is possible to get through week one of the 2ww without going totally bonkers (though my husband might disagree)! I wish you the very very best of luck with your precious little embryos - get those feet up and let your other half spoil you x x x

  • Gosh that's the exactly the same as what we thought, as also only have the one go on nhs and waited years to even get here. Had convinced myself I would have some for freezing. The embryologist said that apparently only 20% of IVF cycles lead to freezing - which actually made me feel a bit better. Going back to work next week so hoping that will keep my mind from going crazy! Good luck hope all goes well for you too xx

  • We were warned by our embryology that even with a good number of eggs you don't always get big numbers of embies. We had 13 eggs, 12 mature, and 2 embies. I was disappointed too.

    It's good that one of your embies had improved to good. They are better off inside you. Fingers crossed for a BFP.

  • I suppose our embryologist didn't warn of that they were so positive about the number of eggs, it didn't occur to me they would drop like that. I know feeling lots more positive this morning. Thank you xx

  • Good luck xx

  • Good luck with the transfer! Fingers crossed with the two you have xx

  • Good luck! Remember it only takes one. I only had one make it and I'm nearly 38 weeks pregnant 😬 Hope the 2ww goes fast for you. Try and keep busy and do things you enjoy to try and keep your mind off things as much as possible. It would be great if we could sleep through the entire 2ww! Ha xx

  • Oh thank you and congrats! I know after I got over the disappointment I had to give myself a reality check and said I've got this far and have 2 now back in which is a blessing in itself. Going back to work next week so hopefully keep my mind from going too crazy. I do like your idea of sleep this whole process just makes me so exhausted I probably could sleep for two weeks straight πŸ˜€ Xx

  • It only takes one! Good luck with the 2ww, I'm on day 4 of it and it's a long haul! Look after yourself xx

  • Thank you. Good luck to you too x

  • Good luck πŸ€ xxx

  • Thank you x

  • Good luck hunnie am on day 4 of my wait with 2 embryos transfered also..get those feet up and try relax keep intouch xx

  • Good luck! We had the same thing happen to us, 15 collected then down to 1 average blasto and 2 that were not quite blasto. Fast forward 3hrs and they said the 2 slower ones caught up and are now 'good'. I'm on 3dp 5dt and trying to believe it will work but after so many failed IVFs it's hard to believe xxx

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