What a Rollercoaster of a day!!!

Today was transfer day but lets start from egg collection..... after collection on wednesday I had 21 retrieved and the next day 15 were doing really well. I was booked in for sat provisionally but the clinic called on saturday morning and said 10 were really good with 6 top grade ones going strong so we are pushing for monday for blastocyst. So today came, the clinic rang and said only 1 had made it ONLY 1!!!! I was devastated. I had 2 others that were close but were not likely to make blastocyst. Hubby and I had decided to have 1 put back in but I changed my mind last minute as the dr said he wants to give me the best chance so 2 little embies went in. Eeeekkkkk sadly though there are non for the freezer!!

Gutted but excited and every other emotion inbetween I have felt today.

I am staying positive that my one little fighter will make it through and maybe even 2!!! Aaaahhhh lol

Send me lots of baby thought lovelies xxxx

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  • It's crazy...waiting for the call and news about the daily progress is nerve wracking!!

    Lots of luck to you x

  • Good luck x

  • It only takes one and its certainly a little fighter, good luck xxx

  • Have everything crossed for you and sending you all the best wishes and baby thoughts in the world xx

  • Good luck!!! x

  • Congrats Mrsmc on being PUPO!

    I am following this post as would love to be to be kept posted :)

    I had EC last Monday 8th we had 10 eggs which I was a tad disappointed with as had 17 follicles. 8 fertilised for my first call on Wed. Thu morning call advised only 3 still going and we were to transfer that day! I'm not sure what grade my embies were but we also opted to have 2 transferred even though we only planned for the one. We had a 5 cell and a 6 cell.

    So today is 5dp3dt and I have absolutely no symptoms, not even sore boobs anymore. Fingers crossed for OTD! When is yours?


  • Good luck xxx

  • Thanks for all the good luck messages and well wishes. I am trying to stay so positive and I have decided to go back to work and carry on life as normal and today its taken my mind off the whole thing.xx

    We are keeping our test date a secret for now as it may add pressure is people start asking on the day. I will post my results no matter what that may be. You girls have been so supportive and I love this group x

    Much love ladies xxx

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