Nightmare of a day

So today was my egg collection on our first round of IVF and we left home at 4 this morning feeling positive after responding well to the jabs and with lots of follicles. Retrieval went okay but only 3 eggs were collected in spite of all the follicles. I think i'd be feeling still okay about this in spite of the low number but then the car decided to break down and it took us 8 hours to get home. Now feeling sore, tired and sad and worried none will have fertilised when they call us tomorrow to let us know. I'm not too sure why I'm posting, I suspect I am just feeling sorry for myself that not even the simple things went right today and am venting a bit. Sorry! Fingers crossed for our news tomorrow and a brighter, more restful positive day all round.

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  • Awww hun its not you feeling sorry for yourself its a very emotional journey your going through and its very hard not to break down, would say tho try stay positive easier said than done tho eh really do hope all 3 fertilised sending you big hugs will need to let me no how you get on xxxxxx

  • Thanks Lynsey, going to have a bath, go to bed and see what tomorrow brings. Think it has just been a super long day x

  • Yeah bath will help you relax fingers are crossed for you hun i will be back in September hopefully 3rd time lucky ☺good luck hopefully you will have your wee miracle soon ☺xxxxx

  • You have every right to feel tired and emotionally drained after the day you've had so please feel free to vent away! Life gives us days like these just to make us look back and realise how strong we actually are! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good news tomorrow. Have a good rest tonight x

  • This is the right place to vent, often you feel that everything is against you. Remember it may be a small number collected but it's the quality of the eggs and you only need one egg. Good luck with the next stage. Xxx

  • Lots of positive vibes being sent your way for today's news. Hope you managed to get a good night's rest after yesterday's awfulness xxx

  • You poor thing, I can just imagine how you must have felt by the end of yesterday...remember how strong and resilient you are though and you can overcome days like that. I hope you feel better and more relaxed today. I'm certainly not surprised you needed to vent your day on the forum and it's at least one way of releasing some frustration and stress. Take it easy now, look after yourself and best of luck with fertilisation and transfer x

  • Thanks everyone for bothering to reply and being so lovely. It is lovely to wake up to such positive hopefully messages whilst I wait for the dreaded phone call and am not feeling particularly positive myself. You're all fabulous! Such a roller coaster of a journey this all is, each step is up and down, up and down, so very hard to stay in control of all of those racing thoughts all the time. Thanks again for taking the time to be supportive xx

  • Keeping everything crossed for you. Please let us know how it goes. I've just started my first injections of Buserelin yesterday (1st IVF) so just trying to take each day at a time at the moment. Xx

  • Just got the call, we have one that fertilised. Just one but hopefully that is all we need. Can't say I feel elated, just absolutely shattered and a little low but I think that is left over from yesterday. So whilst we might be down we are not yet out so it is onwards to transfer on Monday.

  • Mandy I hope you've recovered from your really stressful EC day and that is good news that you have fertilisation so stay positive you've got a transfer coming up on !onday and its all in your favour. Very best wishes and good luck x

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