Embrio abnormalities 😢

So here's our update.

The embrios have abnormalities...

They will look at them again tomorrow morning. This means a few things 😰

The embrios can sometimes rectify the bad dna, if they have done by tomorrow they will leave them until Monday & pick the best of the bunch to transfer.

If they don't repair themselves they will pick the strongest one tomorrow & I will have transfer tomorrow at some point. This does mean that i will be more likely to lead on to miscarriage again.

I feel heart broken, I know there is still some hope, but i do t feel hopeful. I just wanted everything to go right for a change.

Anyone else had this happen with a positive outcome? Xxx

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  • Fingers crossed this goes your way and they rectify themselves. Did you have special testing on them? x

  • Thanks hon. No testing, it's just what they've seen when examining them. X

  • Got everything crossed for you xxx

  • Hi Becky I'm sorry to hear this is causing you additional stress - it's not what you need right now! Please try to stay positive, the hospital are giving you worst case scenario so try not to worry too much as I'm sure those little embies are working hard to get themselves straightened out! Fingers crossed, thinking of you. Do whatever you need to do today to keep yourself as relaxed as possible ready for tomorrow x x x

  • Thanks hon. Talking to you always cheers me up! Yeah hubby has taken me for lunch. So feels good to get out for a bit. Xx

  • Hi Becky179. I think that if one of the batch manages to sort itself out, then it will be replaced back into you where it belongs. Unfortunately this does happen, but will still get them to implant and grow on, so all fingers crossed! Diane

  • I don't really know, but my current 8 week embie came from an original 2- quality 3d that we decided to grow to a 5 day and it ended up being our best 5 day blast at AB, so I think in the early days it is very difficult for them to tell.

  • I am sorry. Keep my fingers crossed for positive results x

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