Yet Another Set Back For Us! :(

Well after deciding to start again this month on our second round of ivf self-funded i got myself all ready to start yesterday as that was first day of cycle.

I called clinic they said it is early the cycle but we will go ahead so went this morning to pick up meds, have scan, bloods taken and pay for cycle.

I went to clinic and first they couldnt get any blood (my veins are terrible!) lol After 5 attempts finally managed to get it scan was ok got meds and called at 2 pm for results of blood test. They said it wasnt good news as results show too much estrogen is a little too high so they will not be able to start cycle this month and i now have to call on my next cycle :( I am obviously glad they havent just gone ahead anyway as we are self-funding so want to obviously give our selfs the best chance but having got myself ready for this i now feel a little disappointed...good luck to all the rest of you going through your cycle i wish you all the luck in the world!! xxx

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  • Set backs and having to wait are rubbish even when we know that it's for the best in the long run.

    Hopefully next cycle it'll work out.

  • Aw Liz I'm sorry you're having to wait another month! It's good that they're looking after you though, especially with you funding this cycle yourself but it doesn't suck any less! x x x

  • Aw Liz gutted for you, I am always a nightmare to get blood out of aswell. Hopefully you will get the green light for next month X

  • Thanks guys its just with me never having a problem at this stage in my last cycle i was a little shocked today and upset but like you say at least they looking at me more closely this time fingers crossed for next month and good luck to you all on your journeys xxx

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