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All set and only 11 days to start


So we “shop” around for my meds to start my fresh cycle. We email the Stork company that supply my clinic and we take a price from Asda. All calendar is ready for me from my nurse and drugs we order from Asda which they gonna be ready for 2morrow . We so please that we safe on medication £392.11 ☺️ “every little help”... We start on 27 jan any of u ladies here to start end of this month ?xx

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What do you mean ordered from Asda? What can you order from Asda? I’m lost ha

From last few years Asda sale the IVF drugs with none profit no tax on top . Other companies they charge for meds and they put tax on top . We self funded this time and we so happy that we safe almost £400 . Xx

Wow I’ve never heard that! Did a clinic tell you exactly what to order? And when to take etc?

Yes my clinic told us we can go with drugs from them suppliers or shop around . They give us a privet prescription and Asda pharmacy we have them ready for 2morrow xx

That’s amazing! I’m due to starts stims either next month or March depending on cycle. Good luck to us haha! Xx

That my 3rd cycle and I hope with positive outcome and I hope last one 🙏 Good luck to us hun 🙏xx

Hey i start my down reg 2moz im soo nervous to inject myself.. lol i have hubby on hand so its okay xx

My last cycle I was on gonal f pen so was easy and this time I’m on gonal f . No my hubby never done me any injection....he don’t like “those “ think ☺️ bless him . Xx

Well i woke this morning and iv had my injection.. it wasnt too bad and i did it myself..😀💉 didnt need hubby. Xccc

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